Favorite fictional Ring?

Weird poll of the week time…what’s your favorite Ring, from a work of fiction?

My personal nominees would be **Sauron’s One Ring**, and **Green Lantern’s Power Ring**.

Your own suggestions, however, don’t have to be “superpowered.” They can just as easily be merely decorative, or even just sentimental. As long as they’re fictional.

That’d have to be The Ring.

Seven days…

Hmmm…The rings for going to Narnia, from “The Sorcerer’s Nephew” seem pretty cool to me. A green one and a yellow one. I had a couple of plastic rings in those colors when I was little. They came in very handy for playing Narnia.

I like “Sning”, the snake-ring from Piers Anthony’s Incarnations of Immortality series (the ring is given to a few characters).

Just to be different, I’ll go for Larry Niven’s Ringworld

I like the three rings for the elf kings in LOTR. Three is somehow cooler than one.

Claire’s wedding band from Jamie in the Outlander series.

The ring that Lily Tomlin wore in 9 to 5, during her Cinderella fantasy sequence. She opened her enormous, gaudy ring to reveal a secret compartment where she kept poison, which she put in Dabney Colman’s coffee. I didn’t specifically want to poison anyone, but I was jonesed on the idea of a ring with a secret compartment.

Ok, so it’s not Tolkien, but it’s still fictional!

“In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night, No Evil Shall Escape My Sight…”
Go for the green, baby! :smiley:

“The secret compartment of my ring, I fill
With an Underdog super-energy pill!”

Sorhed’s ring, carried over the Ngaio Marsh to the tarpits of Fordor, by Frito Bugger, and his companion Spam. Frito carried the ring on a necklace made of paper-clips.

“This ring, and no other, was made by the Elves
Who’d pawn their own mothers to grab it themselves”

The ten rings of the Mandarin, despite never liking the Mandarin as an arch-villain for Iron Man.

…as Qadgop delves into the mire of the Lampoon Waste, on the south border of Smarnia…

Dunno – I rather like the Ring of the Nibelungs, myself – which brings to mind Tolkien’s wry comment on the self-appointed Swedish expert on his works pontificating about it: “If he’d gone on much longer, I was afraid that he’d end up telling us that the Ring was in his own pocket!”

I’m voting for the One ring. Not only is it gorgeous in an understated kind of way, but you can rule all of Middle Earth with it, AND it changes sizes to fit the wearer. What more could be asked for?

Barnabus Collin’s ring from Dark Shadows.

Jonathon Frid talked about it in an interview once. He said it was a really cheap costume jewelry ring, with fake plastic jade in it. The prop people painted it black.

He was always amazed when fans would show him their expensive, custom made onyx rings, because the original was so cheap!

Thomas Covenant’s white gold wedding ring occasionally came in handy, when he wasn’t bitching and moaning about his inherent guilt and lack of self-worth. It got him lots of free stuff from time to time.

I’m gonna go with Buffy’s claddagh ring, which was recently auctioned off on eBay for $15,000.


What Polycarp said.

The Legion of Super Heroes’ Flight ring. Man, it would be fun to fly.

I’d have to go with Thomas Covenant’s white gold ring or the ring with the big H on it from that stupid Hercules cartoon.