Favorite Oscar Dresses Anyone?

Well, having only seen 3 of the movies nominated this year, I had to focus my attention on the Oscar dresses. So, these are my pics for faves:

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow
  2. Reese Witherspoon
  3. Cate Blanchett

And winning the award for 'Good in Theory, Bad in Practice":

Marisa Tomei I love the idea of a vintage dress, but this one just really doesn’t look that great - like, it doesn’t fit, which is a drag.

Of the ones you posted, I like Reese’s the best. Classic!

I did quite like that diaphanous number Mila Kunis was wearing. Gorgeous color, too.

The shiny blue number Anne was wearing at the end. It is a color that has to be seen in HD, it literally cannot be reproduced in standard definition video, being outside of the color gamut of NTSC. It is barely within the range of CMYK printing.

Update: Yes, I’m a huge geek. Why do you ask?

This was my mom’s favorite choice as well. I agree, very pretty.

gaffa - I also agree about Anne Hathaway’s final blue dress - gorgeous! There were tons of hits and very few misses this year I think. ETA: Here it is!

Love, love, love Anne’s blue dress! Best one she wore all night!

Awesome! You just gave me ammunition as to why I can’t wear that colour dress, as my sweetie said immediately that I needed to go find and wear that dress. *
*My sweetie is love-blind or something, as I could never pull off that look in a million years anyway, but gods bless him <3
But the colour was amazing. and we both loved it.

Now…to try to reproduce it…

You liked Cate’s weird circle around the boob dress? I couldn’t get over how hideous it was, with the one ring to rule them all and odd architectural shoulders (marred by yellow stuff that looked like bird poo). Loved Mila Kunis’ dress - favorite of the night.

Cate Blanchett’s dress was weird and I don’t think most people would look anything but ridiculous in it. Even on her, it looked questionable, but she looks gorgeous anyway.

I thought Hailee Steinfield looked lovely.

Of the seven dresses listed for Hathaway, I’m partial to the one labelled number 3 in the link alice_in_wonderland provided (a black and grey number).

? I know that dress, my mom has one buried in her closet from the 50s when it was new. Although she is missing the matching wrap [it is in the same gauzy fabric as the flounce at the bottom]

And it fits her properly. Ah, my bad, this was a dress designed back when women had curves and didn’t aspire to look like a coatrack, you are misled by the way she actually has a female shape instead of looking like an anorectic boy.

Yep - fav of the night. Could I wear that dress? Not in a million years - I think very few people could. However, I loved the architecture of it, the colour was gorgeous - very unusual, and Cate looked amazing in it. It wasn’t a safe choice at all which was part of the appeal for me. I mean, anyone can look nice in a sheath or a fishtail, ya know?

aruvqan - I don’t really understand your post - are you agreeing that Marisa Tomei’s dress didn’t fit? Or are you suggesting that it was supposed to be all loose and baggy in the hip area? If the former, I agree that it was designed for a curvier woman although I wonder why Ms. Tomei didn’t have the dress taken in so it fit better in the hip area (and perhaps hemmed a bit as I think it was a touch to long for her). Apparently she purchased it (as opposed to borrowed it) so I would have thought she would have wanted it to fit perfectly. FWIW, I heard she paid $200K for it - frankly I was wondering where she got that much money as I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything for years.

I thought Jennifer Hudson’s dress was gorgeous. Flattering fit, flattering color, and youthful.


Most of the women looked beautiful, I do have to say. Some stand outs: Mila Kunis’ (whoever she is) lavendar dress was gorgeous as was Hailee Steinfeld’s pink dress. Then we have Halle Berry, Matthew McConnaughey’s SO, Reese Witherspoon, Annette Bening, Helen Mirren…all looked gorgeous.

There were only a few that I thought were awful. Cate Blanchett (yikes), Scarlett Johanssen (bad color, bad design), Michelle Williams (dowdy) and Melissa Leo (what was that?).

Yes - and her hair didn’t help either.

As we were watching and she came on my husband said ‘Wow - she looks like a slut.’ Yikes - I bet THAT wasn’t what she was going for.

Blanchett’s dress made her look like she needed to be dry-docked and scraped.

Glory, I apologize for hacking into your account and posting this under your name, though I have no memory of doing so. It had to have been me, though, because this is my exact opinion. Blanchett’s dress was beyond hideous, and Mila’s was amazing. Worst and best by a mile.

Look at the pose she is in, of course the skirt is hanging oddly. And I agree, I wouldn’t pay $200K for a dress even if it was hand sewn out of golden spider silk made by 99 himalayan virgin monks working with solid gold needles or whatever assinine claims are made for any garment. And as to having it retailored, ever think she may want to preserve the antique value of the dress, and when she isnt hanging a pose it fits just fine? All clothing is NOT designed to be skin tight and painted on - fabric moves on the body and the base fabric itself as I remember is fairly stiff and structured, so if you are canting a hip like she is, it will ruck oddly. If she was standing dead on at attention, it would fall properly. And maybe she decided not to wear 6 inch spike shoes with it … though some dresses are designed to fall to the floor. I am not going to drive 400 miles back to my moms and rummage in the closet in the basement for a 50 year old dress I really have no interest in.

Mandy Moore’s was scrumptious. About the only thing that would make the person wearing that gown more amazing would be as a natural platinum blond. I am normally iffy on ‘nude’ looks, but that one is nicely carried off.

Reese was boring. Black and white, blah.

Gwyneth gets my vote for best-dressed, with Mila Kunis a close second.

Dunno about the dress, but I’m wondering what grudge the editorial staff has against Reese Witherspoon to pick those photos. Not flattering.

Ha! Well put. My boyfriend asked why the hell Cate had a porthole on the front of her dress.

He loved Jennifer Lawrence’slook the best; I thought she was “meh” bordering on “do not like” . My favorite was Mila Kunis, followed closely by Scarlett Johansson (her awful bedhead notwithstanding.)
Didn’t like Nicole Kidman’sdress or her “I just got back from the gym” hair. Geez, what’s up with these people who have more money than god and can’t be arsed to hire a stylist? I won’t believe she did that on purpose.

And WHAT THE HELL was Mark Ruffalo’s wife(?) wearing?