Red Carpet Round-Up: Oscars 2010

Who was a hit?

Who was a miss?

Who should fire their stylist?
Here is a galleryat the Style network site. If anyone knows of any other good sites, preferably with snarky commentary, please post them!

Overall, most of the dresses looked very nice I thought. No “what in heaven’s name is THAT THING she’s wearing” dresses.

The girls at Go Fug Yourself

Except Miley Cyris. That dress appeared specifically designed to make her boobs look like doorknobs.

I disagree - I thought both Sarah Jessica Parker and Charlize Theron’s dresses were a huge “WTF?” Parker’s entire look was just ugly, especially the big Dracula hair. Theron’s dress, while a pretty shade of pink/mauve, was ruined by the giant rosettes grabbing her boobs.

For me, the hits were Vera Farmiga’s stunning Marchesa gown and Rachel McAdams’ watercolor-y Elie Saab dress. I also really liked Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Helen Mirren
Cameron Diaz

Meryl Streep
Queen Latifah
Gabourey Sidibe
Sandra Bullock
Anna Kendrick

Maggie Gyllenhall
Miley Cyrus
Zoe Saldana
Charlize Theron

Diane Kruger
Sarah Jessica Parker

Meryl Streep–Wearing Chris March! Awesome! She looks fantastic. I love the plunging neckline. It’s sexy while still being age-appropriate.

Mariska Hargitay–I took one look at her and said “va va voom!” It emphasizes her hourglass figure without letting it all hang out. I love the color, and styling too.

Demi Moore: I strongly dislike skin-tone dresses and I generally don’t care for the messy hair look. But all in all, she looks pretty good.

Diane Kruger: Did she eat Bjork’s swan dress or something? Hideous.

Tina Fey–Sorry, but she looks horrible. the “strapless” side of the dress is way too low. combined with the full-coverage strap side, she looks like a grandma with a mastectomy. Oh, and she doesn’t just need to fire her stylist. She needs to kill him. Barf!

Queen Latifah–Looks absolutely perfect from the waist up. Classic Hollywood glamour never goes out of style. The wrinkles on the skirt and the way the hem bubbles on the ground look not-so-good. She may not have knocked it out of the park, but it’s still a home run.

Penelope Cruz–That asymmetrical top makes it look like the dress has twisted to the side. I just want to grab her and yank it back into place. It’s very disconcerting and ruins an otherwise good look.

Gabourey Sidibe–Gorgeous. The cut and color are perfect for her and the crystal detail is pretty without being too fussy.

What was up with Sarah Jessica Parker’s hair? It looked like she had stuck her finger in an electric socket.

I didn’t see anything too hideous, although either something was wrong with Miley’s dress or her posture.

Why can’t both be true?

Charlize Theron–WTF? What more can be said?

Kate Winslet–The gown and the styling somehow conspire to totally squelch everything that is unique and beautiful about her. She looks so bland that I didn’t even recognize her.

Kristen Stewart–Don’t wear black to the Oscars, even if it’s really navy. I usually like the bare-of-jewelry look, but here it doesn’t look good. It looks like she ran out the door and forgot to put it on. Overall, the dress and the look was a little too mature for her. But I wouldn’t call it a miss. Just not a hit.

Rachel McAdams–I’m not sure if I love it or hate it. But it’s nice to see a print in any case.

Sarah Jessica Parker–I may be in the minority, but I love it. But again with the black eyeliner? She’s starting to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein.

Nicole Richie–Looks great for a change. Hate to say it, but she looks worlds better covered up. The dress was a cool and unusual choice.

Sandra Bullock–Holy crap! She doesn’t look tacky! The look was a bit of a yawn, but she’s forgiven.

Miley Cyrus–The first pic I had seen of this was from the shoulders up. I thought “Great styling.” Then I saw the rest of it. Horrible.

Carey Mulligan–Now THAT’S how you wear black to the Oscars. Fantastic.

Vera Famiga–Absolutely wonderful, in both the dress and the styling.

Amanda Seyfried–What the holy hell? Why is she torturing her poor boobies like that? The color makes her look totally washed out too. Styling is the pits. A major miss.

I didn’t watch the Oscars as I hate award ceremonies & can get my style fix online now. The strapless look got pretty monotonous after a while. Best of those was Carey Mulligan.

My favourite outfits were worn by Kathy Ireland (I think that was the name) & Anna Kendrick.

The worst by a long chalk was Mariah Carey,(didn’t suit her body shape at all) followed by Charliza Theron.

Yeech I just Googled. I didn’t catch her while watching.

I loved their comment on the live blog about Charlize - “Charlize, on the other hand…uh. She has rosettes on her boobs. Giant boob rosettes. It looks like her dress is copping a feel.”

Surprise hit for me was Susan Downey - I think she and Robert DJ looked great together. I think I am the minority though in liking Maggie’s dress - I’d love this myself.