Favorite Rifftrax lines?

There are so many good Rifftrax lines, but there are a few of them that are extra memorable…

Caption on screen “In the not too distant Future”
Kevin; hmm, in the not to distant future, why does that sound familiar
The door to Cerebro (not Magneto) rolls open and the camera pushes through
Mike; this seems kinda’ familiar…

Star Wars Ep III
Ani and Freindpatine…err…Palpatine in the bubble theatre, making comments
Bill; so you mean they’re going to sit in the theatre and make quips about the show, what jerks!

I’m Harpo!
Kevin Murphy’s rant on Bella’s websurfing;
Now you’re going to get all sorts of spam for discount mortgages, medicines, and all those STUPID ads for downloadable commentaries
Mike; ahem, kevin?
Mike; I LOVE those things!
Listing off Vampire traits;
Mike; Their counting of items is often followed by thunder and lightning
Bill; Endorse marshmallow-chocolate breakfast cereals…
Mike; (as nerdy teen) Mom, I’m home, do you have any Blood Pockets?

I’ve only seen a few Rifftrax, but those I have have great lines that I keep using for some reason.

The Star Wars Holiday Special:
“It’ll be fun for approximately 3.7 seconds!” (ad for the Trailtracker)
“Schiffer is ‘buy Tobor’ spelled backwards.” (Tobor is robot spelled backwards. Tobor by Schiffer.)

One Got Fat:
After a caption appears reading “KEEP RIGHT”: “Oh, it’s a subliminal message from Sean Hannity.”
“Use turn signals to indicate you are a FREAKISH HELLSPAWN MONKEY!”

“Sit down, have some plaid.”
“It was an animal attack.” “We’re interrogating Dr. Teeth right now.”
“Oh, Grand Forks got demoted.”
“His unfortunate motto: nobody Forks with the chief of police.”
Something I forget the exact line of about Bella fitting in by driving Fred Sanford’s truck.
The Benny Hill thing. Hilarious.

Another TOBOR quip;
Announcer; “He’s under your control…”
Kevin; Yes, that’s exactly what TOBOR wants you to think

adding in the implied “Mr. Anderson” anytime Agent Elrond…err. Elrond speaks

You have my Sword
And my Bow
And my Axe
Kevin; He’s a regular small-arms kleptomaniac…

After leaving Rivendell, there’s a panning shot of the highlands
Kevin (singing) “The Hills are alive…”
as the Fellowship comes out from behind a boulder…
Mike; Lets meet your Fighting Fellowship, Magneto, Babyface, Grumpy, Kevin from Sin City, that guy from Lost and the Other Guy, Ubiquitos Bad Guy, and the History of Violence Guy

From the Matrix: When the cops are chasing Trinity across the rooftops at the beginning, and there’s the low angle shot of them jumping from roof to roof.

“Move along here, nothin’ tae see!”
“Move along here, nothin’ tae see!”
“Move along here, nothin’ tae see!”
From Raiders of the Lost Ark:

“Free dwarf chow!” right before Salah runs on screen.

From Eragon:
“Stand and be fabulous!”
“So, uh… you gonna eat that?”

Reign of Fire:

Matthew McConaghey: Look out that window!
Mike: I bought you a bike!

Oh, Twilight, no doubt; every time Edward walked in a room or turned to the camera in slow motion:

From “Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring”
“He’s reading the Simarillion and trying desperately to pretend he’s enjoying it.”

From “Jurassic Park”
“You know, Jurassic Park isn’t that scary in the daytime.” (Said by Weird Al)

Even better as the call back when hippie Jacob came on screen. My SO and I are using that line now.

Star Wars Holiday Special:
Kevin: “Even in Medesto, is there really enough pot to make this thing happen?”

Mike: “Now I get why Chewy signs up for long tours of duty away from home.”

Over The Top:
Disembadeo: “Ooh. Looks like this relationship is going to be Rocky.”

Mike (as prison guard): “Hey Hawks, a fourteen year old girl called. Said you have her baby tee.”

Double elimenation.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace
[When Anakin is appearing before the Jedi Council]
Kevin (singing): “And that’s the day the teddy bears had their piiic-nic!”

(After the pod-racing scene)
Mike: “Reminds me of the Muppet show, although when I watched that, I don’t remember feeling the urge to kill myself.”

(On Qui-Gon Jin)
Mike: “He’s the one the other Jedis go to when they need pot.”

(During a Jedi vs. droids combat scene)
Kevin: “You can kill robots all day and still get a PG rating.”

(When R2-D2 is being commended by the queen)
Mike: “We also have a copier that saves us $32 a month!”

There are more. Phantom Menace is far and away the best Rifftrax, IMO.

Though also not to be missed is the brilliant three-way Fargo-esque exchange between Mike, Kevin and Bill during the Arctic prison escape sequence of Star Trek VI. Sheer poetry. (Doncha know.)

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