Just when I thought MST3K/Rifftrax couldn't get any funnier....

I’ve been perusing some old MST3K and “best of” Rifftrax commentaries on YouTube, and I’ve discovered the “Closed Caption” feature, this feature listens to the audio stream and attempts to caption the audio stream, depending on the video watched, it can range from reasonably accurate to laughably bad

It seems that the program doesn’t cope too well with dealing with two audio streams running simultaneously, so the captioning for MST3K/Rifftrax is usually laughably bad…

It adds another layer of humor to the already great MST/'Trax;

From MST3K; The Movie
(inside Exeter’s ship, approaching Metaluna)
Exeter; Observer, Normal View!
M&TB; <Singing> Normal view, Normal view, Normal Vieeeewww!
Captioning; Hello to you, Laurin

From the “Keeping clean and neat” short
<Johnny’s in the shower>
Servo; use pumice on your tender nipple-buds
Caption; almost unattainable bullets
<Johnny’s shampooing his hair>
Crow; Why couldn’t they have Mamie Van Doren star in this thing?
Caption; The Clintons had mini van doren star in this thing

Announcer; and now after the second lather when your hair is perfectly clean, rinse again
Caption; And after the picket line here would your hair is barbecuing rape again

Mike; Please remain seated until the shower has come to a complete stop
Caption;Please remain seated until the shelling has come to a full and don’t want to trust your hair

Ok, gotta catch that, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

This one’s great…
from “A case of spring fever”

Former-spring-hater-guy; If it wasn’t for the amount of spring in the (golf) club shaft, combined with the spring of the rubber inside the (golf) ball, that drive wouldn’t have gone anywhere at all, you see, all spring action depends on elasticity…

Caption; They want to put him on a free mammograms, and combined with his friend then brother in China, ball that god would have gone anywhere at all, and CEO spring action depends on elasticity

Random: a friend of mine recently got a job working for Rifftrax. It sounds like the funnest office ever.