Favorite Sade Songs?

I love Sade. She’s a timeless singer if there ever was one. Her first album is as great today as it was when it debuted (in ‘84, I think). Her sultry, smoky, sometimes jazzy ballads are the epitome of lovers’ music.

Although it’s hard to pick a favorite, I’m going to go with Cherish the Day. I love the line, “if you were mine, I wouldn’t want to go to heaven…” The music is exotic and moving and, in typical Sade fashion, her voice just makes love to melody.

Runners up include No Ordinary Love, Tar Baby, The Sweetest Taboo, Hang on to Your Love, Slave Song, Lovers Rock and Haunt Me. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve heard a Sade song I didn’t like!

Ok, your turn.

Ooh! Ooh!

Everything on “Promise.” Like, EVERYTHING.

“Stronger than Pride”


“Haunt Me”

… and so many others I can’t even begin to list them! :slight_smile:

I love all her songs but one of my favorites is from Lovers Rock titled ** King Of Sorrow **

My favorite verse is:

i’m crying everyone’s tears
i have already paid for all
my future sins
there’s nothing anyone
can say to take this away
it’s just another day
and nothing’s any good

i’m the king of sorrow
king of sorrow

For those days when your heart is broken and all you want to do is just lay on the floor and pray for death. Sade’s songs make me realize I’m not the only person to have ever felt that way and somehow knowing that I’m not alone in my mysery helps a little.

I’d have to cast my vote for “No Ordinary Love”, but most of her stuff is great to listen to while relaxing or …


Right now my favourite is “By your side” from her new-ish album.

“Maureen” has always been on of my favorites.

Her performance of “Is It A Crime?” on SNL stands out in my mind as one of the best musical performances on that show ever.

For shame! Does the name Barry “I’m gonna wrap you in my satin sheets and make wild, passionate luuuuuuuve to you all night long” White ring a bell?

I stand by my statement, Coldfire.

Barry White’s no slouch, don’t get me wrong, but picturing Sade in my head isn’t equivalent to a cold shower. Can’t say the same for Mr. White.

I love Sade! Her voice is amazing! “Stonger Than Pride” is one of my favortires, followed closely by “Sweetest Taboo”.

I have “Your Love Is King” on my wedding CD. It’s such a lovely song. I suppose that one’s my favorite.

I love Sade too, my pick and it was tough, Hang In Too Your Love
love her voice and the instrumental.

“Jezebel” is one of my favorites

I agree completely with plnnr.

Also love “Pearls” and “Missing You.”

Has to be TheSweetestTaboo. I love how it has the thunderstorm in the background as the song opens.

Also the lines, Every day is Christmas and every night is New Years Eve.

I like almost all of Sade. “The Sweetest Taboo” is still great. Haunt Me is wonderful.

And I think I have all of Barry White. :cool:

Can I play too?

My all time faves have to be No Ordinary Love,Pearls both the standard and club mix versions,By Your Side and Kiss of Life.
I actually have a Barry White/Sade CD that I burned a few years ago. It is the ultimate in mood music. Those two artists on the same CD make it practically combustible.


*Oh, what’s the point of a revolution
Without general
General copulation,
Copulation, copulation[i/]A prize for anyone who gets that reference!

I thought I was the only person alive who thought that “Haunt Me” was Sade’s best work. If it’s as popular as it seems to be here, why oh why wasn’t it included on her Best of CD?

I have such a crush on her…
I think I’m going to have to go with No Ordinary Love if only becuase I see her galloping on that feisty white horse to ME!

Am I the only one with a girl-crush on her?

Who saw her most recent concert? She’s 40ish with a kid and looks freakin fantastic–bitch :slight_smile:

Also, have ya’ seen the nude photo her art-student friend did of her when she was younger–WOWZA

Sade is one of those artists who seemed to have cracked THE code. I mean, think about it: Each album more or less sounds the same; her subject matter of almost every song is the same; her delivery is the same; her vocal range is as narrow as U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft’s mind. And yet we love her and buy all of her albums!!! How cool is that? I can’t think of other artists who have cracked the code so effectively. Natalie Merchant? Not even close. Bonnie Raitt? I suppose, but a very different style of music…

In terms of Sade songs, I will go with one not mentioned yet, near as I could see: Turn My Back On You. I love the song, and the cool “off” rhythm track is especially great.