Favorite Wacky Neighbor?

My favorite wacky neighbor would have to be Rhoda from the Mary Tyler Moor Show.

Ethel Mertz runs a close second.

Kramer from Seinfeld would be my 1st choice.

Hidely ho! Ned Flanders for me, you betcha-rooney!

“My hovercraft is full of eels.”

Kramer’s good, but I think Newman’s the best of the Seinfeld neighbors.

Chaim Mattis Keller

“Sherlock Holmes once said that once you have eliminated the
impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be
the answer. I, however, do not like to eliminate the impossible.
The impossible often has a kind of integrity to it that the merely improbable lacks.”
– Douglas Adams’s Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective

Nelson from Home Improvement.

That would be Wilson…ooops.

*Shirley Ujest: Nelson from Home Improvement. *

You mean Wilson!

Gladys Cravitz from Bewitched. We had a neighbor just like her :slight_smile:

Well, she wasn’t really a “neighbor,” but my all-time favorite second banana was Sally Rogers from The Dick Van Dyke Show. Millie Helper was a great neighbor, too . . .

I’d have to go with Gladys Kravitz too. One-of-a-kind voice, great character actress.

Not so much a neighbour, but Carlton the Doorman from Rhoda.

‘They couldn’t hit an Elephant from this dist…!’

Last words of General John Sedgwick

Howard Borden from “The Bob Newhart Show.” Bill Dailey made a living playing wacky neighbors because he was also Major Nelson’s neighbor on “I dream of Jeannie”.

“Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you, my friend–
Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again…”
-Steely Dan

So who has had a wacky neighbor themselves? We had one in Michigan. I was pretty young so I don’t remember that much about it, but I do remember that, many nights, Gary would just let himself in the house when we were having dinner. He’d just pull up a chair and finish the leftovers. I also know that he used to plow our driveway without us asking and then show up at our door saying that my parents owed him a dollar or something. He must have felt the situation out before he just started doing weird things like that in case my parents wouldn’t have been OK with him doing such things. He was a really good guy so they didn’t mind. They thought he was a riot.

The uber-neighbor to which all others are pale shadows: Ed Norton.

Speaking of Newhart, those three bums, Larry, his brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl were a great bunch of wacky neighbors, too.

Anyone know what the actors who played those three have been up to since the series ended?

Chaim Mattis Keller

I’ve had some pretty nutty neighbors for real. I never needed to ponder the ones on TV. When I was a kid there was a guy who lived up the road whose wife used to beat the shit out of him. More recently, there was a guy in my building who was a deserter from the Turkish military. The screwball neighbors from my college days are too numerous to list.

I liked Larry, Daryl, and Daryl, but they were pretty much a one shot joke. I mean how many YEARS can they keep introducing themselves. I liked Kirk the first neighbor (the liar) better.

Kind of like Kramer, I liked him a lot at first, but now after seeing the reruns I wonder how Jerry puts up with him.

Oh, how could I forget Lenny and Squiggy? Thank goodness they never spun them off to their own show, though; that would have been way too much of L&S.

Fred and Ethel Mertz will always be the Wacky Neighbor king and queen, though.