Favourite diets?

Not sure if this has been done, I did a search and couldn’t find anything cowering newbie look

Do you have a favourite personalized diet? Bananas and skim milk, gallons of water, that kind of thing? Lots of fiber usually works for me (beans, Kashi cereal, more beans, potatoes, spinach, broccoli, etc) but hasn’t been doing much lately. I feel lovely and clean but am still a bit squooshy.

I’m on the Scarsdale Diet . . . Every time I try to open the fridge, Jean Harris shoots me.

Sorry, but I can’t follow that one, Eve!

If you’re feeling squooshy, maybe you ought to just add in some exercise - particularly weight bearing ones that may help tone you up. Your weight may not change, but you may get firmer and more defined.

If you’re eating what you say, I think you’ve already adopted some good habits.

Although I don’t have a favorite diet, I do have little tricks I use to keep from balooning to an unacceptable size.
*lots of water. Zero thirst quenching calories. This may seem like nothing but consider the average can of non-diet soda is at least 100 calories.
*a cup of coffee for breakfast. Not the best of ideas, I know, but it’s better than the alternative. See, I like breakfast. A lot. Pancakes, sausages, eggs, waffles, bagels with cream cheese, omelettes, bacon…drool. So the cup of coffee is WAY better than the alternative.
*I don’t buy snacks like chips, cakes and the like. If it’s in the house I’ll eat it. Period. I’ve no will power at all.
*Running. I just had a baby (Yep, little Noah Alexander was born 12/17 for those of you following along). Before I was pregnant with him I was running at least four times a week.
Other than that, I pretty much eat what I want. Luckily for me, I want homemade, healthy meals. I buy whole foods almost all the time and prepare meals at least five times a week.

I’m following Weight Watchers, and it’s working really well. Nothing is forbidden, but you have to make smart choices to fit in indulgences.

I really like the Zone (40-30-30 carbs, protein fat split). However it’s hard to follow it to the T. Instead, I don’t really buy bread and pasta, and try to have some protein with each meal. A typical day would be:


Coffee with half and half (fat)
Canadian bacon (protein)
2 pieces of fruit, or a small bowl of hot cereal (carbs)

Faster alternative: cottage cheese with fruit


Tuna with mayo (protein and fat)
on top of veggie salad


Huge portion of steamed veggies with olive oil

Snack: Balance Bar, or apple with peanut butter or cheese

It’s a great way to cut calories without feeling hungry, you get lots of healthy veggies, and will have loads of energy. Even when I go off it a bit, I don’t crave carbs and overeat the way I normally would. The protein keeps my brain working all day, too.

I mostly follow Atkins. I say mostly because I do have my cheats on occasion. I lost about 60 lbs in 1999, converted to the maintenance form of the plan and maintained the loss for 3 years, and then put on about 10 lbs last year due to lots of personal stress (temporary unemployment, various minor illnesses, temporary move away from home due to a fire). As soon as I’m feeling consistently better (migraines have been kicking my ass lately, which means my stomach is sometimes pretty quesy), I will be back on the weight loss version of Atkins. I’m also going to start weight lifting again, and I started dabbling in yoga last year - I really like it and am planning on taking it up a little more seriously.