Favourite sounds

It’s probably because Autumn is nearly here but one of my favourite sounds is the sound that an acorn cup makes when you stand on it. It has to be on a hard surface or you don’t get that great popping sound.
Having playing hockey (that’s field hockey for North Americans) I also love the sound of a hard ball hitting a wooden stick.
What are your favourite sounds?

[li]Instruments tuning[/li][li]Pounding rain on the ground or on water or on the windows[/li][li]Wind blowing through trees[/li][li]The sounds at a Renaissance Fair[/li][li]The sounds in a big city (people talking, cars, etc.)[/li][li]Birds early in the morning[/li][li]The sound of crunchy leaves getting stepped on[/li][li]Pens or pencils scratching on paper when someone’s drawing[/li][li]Car motors[/li][li]Turning signals[/li][li]Cameras clicking[/li][li]The little noise flashes on cameras make after they flash[/li][li]Typewriters[/li][li]Live music[/li][li]Music in general[/li][/ul]
[sub]Sorry that was so long… I have more but I think that’s enough for now. Good topic, btw.[/sub]

There’s an overhang right outside my classroom, so on rainy days the sound of the rain is amplified. I looooooove it.

The sound of my mother in the kitchen in the morning. When I visit, I just lie awake and listen to her making her coffee, having a cigarette, and frying herself an egg.

The sounds of a hair salon. I love the snip-snipping of the scissors and the hum of the hair dryers.

the gentle chatter of a classroom of kids settling down to work

wholehearted laughter

little kids talking to themselves

little kids saying my name

The excitement in a person’s voice when they’re genuinely glad to see me.

the excitement in a teenager’s voice when telling a story or passionate about something

the sounds of a small coffee shop

(Geez, I sound like such a sap.)

The first glass of wine being poured from the bottle.

The sound of a tennis ball when hit by the sweet spot of your racket.

Ice dropped into a whiskey tumbler.

Rushing water under the hull of a sail boat.

Everything you can hear sitting in a tree next to a basketball court (or a place where not-too-few people congregate): semi-distant voices, wind rustling the leaves, birds chirping, laughter, the occasional roar of technology, etc.

Songs that I enjoy, especially ones I can sing along with.

My SO’s voice, all the time. :slight_smile:

Rain. Thunder’s nice, too, for that matter.

I love the sound of thunderstorms.

The sound of a baseball bat solidly hitting a baseball.

The sound of children laughing and playing.


Birdsong early in the morning, when I haven’t opened my eyes yet.

The sound of a golf ball falling into the cup.


Barbershop quartets.

A cat purring.

And shrew you do not sound like a sap. You sound like a person who appreciates the sounds of many fine things. May you continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

Wind rushing through pine boughs.

Crickets, katydids, and grasshoppers on a warm summer evening.

The clicking sound a car makes when the engine is cooling.

A purring cat.

The crackling of a fire.

A mourning dove at sunrise.

Waves breaking on a sandy beach.

The roaring sound a shell makes when you hold it up to your ear.

A hummingbird.

The rattling sound of a chain link fence.

The ticking of an old grandfather clock.

That satisfying ker-PLUNK when you throw a big rock into the water.

A babbling brook.

An elk call.

Church bells in the distance.

Pure silence.


“I love the sound of breaking glass…”—Nick Lowe

  1. ocean
  2. rural silence broken by dogs / hounds starting their own thread in the distance
  3. squeaking shoes on a basketball court
  4. cat purring
  5. honesty
  6. oscillating fan running all night
  7. stevie knicks, alan parsons project, van morrison
  8. Harley
  9. a good boys choir
  10. front porch sounds: creaking rocking chair, screen door squeaking to open then bouncing shut

That’s the first thing I thought of. I love falling asleep at night in the early summer when it’s still cool enough to have a window open. The crickets lull me to sleep.

I also love sitting on my sunporch during a thunderstorm. The rain sounds are amplified by the roof and the thunder just makes it perfect.

My farts.:smiley:
Snow Falling
Bag pipes (even though it kinda makes me want to cry)
“Yes, you’re right, and I’m sorry.”
Crackling Fire
Those morning doves
The wind picking up just before a storm, everyone running to take cover
The flute
The clang clanging sounds at a marina.
Crunching leaves under your feet in the fall
“you wanna go for a beer?”
“I missed you”
My dad laughing

Every weeknight at 6:30, I hear the most wonderful harmony of soft voices …

“The Simpsons”

I know, however the day had gone, that I was going to be smiling for at least a little while.

(I really enjoy the small things.)

Me toooooo.

Thanks, Dave. :slight_smile:

I love the sounds of the horny birds not long after the winter solstice when they start to rev into mating season. They generally start at least an hour or more before the dawn, and it is such a great sound because spring is not far away.

Rain on a corrugated-iron roof.

The silence when you know the kids are tucked into bed asleep.

The little tinkle of my Hotmail messenger pop-up when I’m waiting on a message from my best-friend.

The sound of the dishes being done when I’m not doing them…seriously, this one always brings a smile to my face!!

The striking of a match (one of my favorite smells, too).

A distant train whistle.

The sound of a certain girl’s voice when she talks to her cat.

A ten-pin bowling ball hitting the pins.

The sound of my car starting in -30 weather.

The crunch of gravel under my feet.

The rush of water over Solduc Falls, which I saw for the first time two years ago this month.

Live symphony performances. Particularly the violins – I adore the sound of several violins performing together.

The sound of a crowd applauding a performer. But not the whistles and catcalls, just the thousands of hands clapping.

The radiant-heat system in my parents’ house made all kinds of clangs and pops when I was a kid. Scared me then, sorta. Now, when I’m back there, I find it very reassuring.

I have a fair number of favorite sounds… I may not get them all in this list, but I think this is a fair representation:

[li]children happily playing and laughing[/li][li]little kids talking to me… and saying my name[/li][li]good music (NOT the Britney Spears bubblegum pop thing!)[/li][li]my friends talking amongst themselves[/li][li]band music (as in concert bands and things like that)[/li][li]certain guy friends of mine talking (hehehe)[/li][li]certain foreign accents (British, Australian, South American, etc.)[/li][/ul]

[li]Heavy rain, on the roof, on the street, on the windows[/li][li]Wind whispering through the trees at night[/li][li]Birds, early in the morning[/li][li]Crickets, late at night[/li][li]The voice of the Man I Love[/li][/ul]