Favre will play another season

Can’t beleive there isn’t a thread already. I’m more happy he made an actual decision that in the decision itself, but still happy. Looks like he’ll break records touchdown passes, yards, and inteceptions :smack:



My coworker owes me a lunch. Living in Minnesota I’ve learned to hate (but admire) this man. I knew he would come back, his ego needs to be satisfied.

I love it. His 17th season in the NFL. 17th!

There was a rumor that a local sports radio station picked up on about the possibility of Randy Moss going from the Raiders to the Packers.

Now, that would be interesting. If Randy’s skills haven’t completely rusted away from disuse, Favre would have at least two good targets to throw to, and Randy just might be able to run under some of Brett’s moonbeams.

It sure would make the game at the Metrodome loud.