FB Purity users - is it gone?

Anyone else have their FB page cluttered w/ crap again? I looked at the extensions on my Firefox, and I do have the latest version running, but it’s not showing on my page :frowning:

Damn I hate all the tickers and suggestions and garbage that are back :mad:

I don’t know about Purity - I use Social Fixer to tweak the page into something I can stand.

That’s my number one beef with Facebook - the lack of end-user variability. If it weren’t for Social Fixer, I doubt I’d be on Facebook any more.

I use on my laptop at home and I believe it was working last night.

It’s back this morning - whew!

I know, it’s pretty much the ultimate in small time problems, but when I’m cranky to begin with and just want a few minutes of catching up with distant friends, seeing all the twitching, blinking, highlighted stuff just adds to my cranky.

FBPurity is alive and well. Facebook isn’t too happy with it (gee–a program that blocks ads isn’t liked very much by the company that gets revenue from ads. Wonder why?), but FBPurity works rather well!