"Fear, Loathing and organized rape or: 'My so called friends'"

What follows is a fairly disturbing and extremely amusing transcript of internat chat, depicting some fairly illegal activities of several anonymous people, several years ago.

I changed the names to protect the shocked and the innocent (meaning: my ass). The person that told me this has a sordid past but has since changed his life around, but the other three men are all jailbait. At the time of the story they were all living in a large city on the European continent.

Anyway, enjoy :wink:
<Anonymous> where do I start? hehe
<Anon2-> I dunno :smiley:
<Anonymous> three guys decide to trip, the friend who took me on that weird drive to the woods I told you about, a really cool bass player I know and some paranoid guy I never met
<Anonymous> the paranoid guy has five THOUSAND dollars in his jacket
<Anon2-> lol
<Anon2-> idiot
<Anonymous> they call up a friend of mine who is a dealer and all around career junky and he says he has lots of shrooms he will share for free if he can come along, they say no problem
<Anonymous> then they take WAY too much of some REALLY STRONG mushrooms and start driving around in their car!
<Anon2-> heh
<Anonymous> they went to this drive through and blocked it for fifteen minutes while they took turns TRYING to order, but they were laughing so hard no one could understand a word
<Anon2-> lol
<Anonymous> when they said they’d call the cops they finally took off and went to someone’s house to chill out. Once there they tripped like they had never tripped before untill no one erally knew where anyone else was or what to make of them, total confusion
<Anonymous> many hours later the paranoid guy suddenly starts screaming and running around the house
<Anon2-> oh shit heh
<Anonymous> then he just sort of gets angry, then apologizes and leaves. They were all so messed up they didn’t care
<Anon2-> damn, an ant just crawled into my keyboard :smiley:
<Anonymous> then everyone left and my dealer friend was left home alone and just started to smoke some hash and try to sleep
<Anonymous> set it free! :smiley:
<Anon2-> heh, then what happened
<Anonymous> sometime during the early morning (maybe 6 am) someone rings his bell
<Anonymous> he gets up to open it and three guys charge in and start to rough him up and scream about some money that he owes them
<Anonymous> one of them is the paranoid guy from a few hours earlier
<Anonymous> in turns out they are pissed at him because they claim the mushrooms didn’t work and that they weren’t psychoactive!
<Anon2-> heh, damn
<Anonymous> The dude was so high he couldn’t even tell he was high!
<Anon2-> lol
<Anonymous> then he starts raving about how he was the only one that could have taken his five grand, too
<Anon2-> what happened to it?
<Anonymous> the dealer tells him to chill the fuck out and think about what he’s saying and how hard he’s tripping, but he just gets roughed up some more and they say they’ll be back in twelve hours to collect the cash and the money for the shrooms, or they will kill him
<Anonymous> he was sure they weren’t kidding, so he called up the most insane man he knew, someone he met either in jail or in rehab
<Anonymous> he gave him some speed, the guy got real high and went to the paranoid guy’s house and rung the doorbell
<Anon2-> lol
<Anonymous> when he came to the door he broke his nose, threw him against the floor and raped him…
<Anon2-> lol
<Anonymous> he got a couple of hundred bucks for his trouble, and the free speed :smiley:
<Anonymous> and that is the story of the most f*cked up thing any of my friends ever did :wink:
As a sidenote, it turned out the money was in the guy’s jacket the whole time but he hadn’t checked it properly. He disappeared for a long time but last anyone heard he got a hefty sentance for parole violation in a neighbouring country.

— G. Raven

Crap! I miss 'shrooms!!

(course I never got roughed up and raped because of them…)

Can’t quite put my finger on it; maybe it’s because I’m completely humorless this morning, but this just seems too disturbing to continue with.