Feeling Lonely

“It’s quarter past three
There’s no one in the place but you and me
So set 'em up Joe
And make it one for my baby
And one more for the road …”

:: joins in midway through the chorus ::

Lonely, maybe. But whilst on these boards, never alone.

Le Sang

Hey there,

Well, i may be over the other side of the world, and it may be mid-morning… but i’m here with ya waves


I have but one question: Do you enjoy being so depressed?

I’m not trying to start anything with you, you actually seem like a pretty nice person (could be wrong though), but I’ve never seen anyone that seems to celebrate living a life in depression as much as I have in you, Eutychus.

I wonder if perhaps relationships are so hard for you to maintain because people just get frustrated with your depressed attitude? Honestly, dude, women just find depressed men very unattractive. I think if you were to just cheer up and be thankful for the things you do have and stop whining about things you don’t, then you would find yourself with the things that you desire so much in your heart.

I see no reason why you don’t have a lot of self confidence. You seem like a very intelligent person, and someone that actually cares about people.

Oh well, I hope you someday find true happiness just in life itself.


Sorry you feel lonely, Euty. It’s only a quarter past 2 here, so next round’s on me.

Relax, there, Jalapeno. It’s the end of winter, and people who are a little more prone to a bout of depression here and there all get a little maudlin now and again.

In fact, lately it seems that Euty and I have both been strolling down memory lane and refreshing our old lists. One has to do that now and again.

It’s 3:00 AM, and I’ve been listening to Roger Waters’ Amused To Death for the past two hours.

In short, I hear ya, Euty.

Jesus, put away your crying towels. I’m just lonely, not suicidal.

One bourbon, one scotch, & one beer…

Set 'em up, Joe!

“Brown-eyed women and red grenadine,
the bottle was dusty but the liquor was clean…”

I find that listening to George Carlin CD’s cheer me up greatly.

“It’s quarter past three
There’s no one in the place,
except you and me.
So stick’em up Joe”

(I know it’s an old joke, I’m an old guy.)

Pass that bottle on down here, wouldja Euty

Euty, if we thought, even for a moment, that you were suicidal, you can bet that 911 would have already been called and your phone would be ringing off the hook.

Since folks realized you’re just lonely, they are doing what caring people do when their friends are lonely… commiserating, and reminding their friend that they are around.

So, you need to either work on the curmudgeon routine to get the proper gruff tone with the underlying thank you, or just enjoy the attention and allow yourself to be warmed by the caring being offered.


Yossarian had a reason to be paranoid. Sometimes people have a reason to feel depressed or lonely or whatever.

Well, whatever it is you’re feeling I think you should know…I’m feeling jealous.

How did you get so many virtual wives since the last time we talked?

Dread Cowgirl Judy

Clean living.

And you and me and the bottle make three tonight.

Ah, stop letting Euty mess with your minds.

In real life he’s the proprietor of the hippest, suavest nightclub in Rhode Island. (pause until the snickering slows) While he never drinks with the customers, preferring to sit behind a chessboard at a corner table and puff on Lucky straights, all the men for miles around want to be his pal and he’s got more broads than you can shake a stick at. He only does this SDMB Moderator gig as part of his community service, after one of his high-priced lawyers got the cocaine-trafficking charges reduced. And every once in a while, he likes to get away from all the chilled Champagne and fellatio and jerk the newbies’ chains with this “poor pitiful me” stuff.

I think he means cleaning their virtual pipes!

I’m just a lone-ly boy…

Originally posted by Darwinself
How did you get so many virtual wives since the last time we talked?

Eutychus replied: Clean living.

So, if you change your ways maybe you’ll have room for
a virtual mistress.

Not So Sweet Judy Lorraine

Are you applying for the job? They, of course, would have to approve you, but in this case, I don’t see much of a problem.