Fellow hot weather LOVERS, show some love!

It’s been well over 90 in the Ham recently, with stifling humidity. The heat index has been off the charts for a couple of weeks now.

And I love it! I go play a round of disc golf in the heat of the day most times. It’s like a warm hug from nature after my Arctic office. Yeah, I sweat like crazy. So what? It’s awesome.

No matter how hot it gets, it’s so much better than February. The days are long, the sun is bright. This is the good stuff, folks.

Summer rules.

Although I don’t relly like to sweat if I’m not exercizing, I hate cold weater. I’d much rather live in 100° all year than have to deal with anything below 60°. I sometimes get cold if the temp is in the low 70’s.

Yes, it gets into the 100’s here regularly, and the weather people on TV all bitch and moan - like this is a big surprise in Las Vegas?!

I love the heat!
No, I do not want to be in the backyard at 1:00 PM digging holes for trees; you do have to plan your day a bit. But having lived in Illinois, NYC and Berlin - well, I would take 100+ here (and 4% humidity) any day than 85 degrees there and 90% humidity.

I hate cold weather - so the summers in Las Vegas are ideal! Sun, sun and more sun - warm, hot - bring it on!

100+? No thanks.

But 80-90 is awesome. The pool, the beach, the seafood, the shorts and sandals… That’s what life is all about.

Hot weather’s fine–especially here when it’s in the 100 degree range and you have a nice sea breeze blowing through. It was like that yesterday. I don’t like cold weather–I only have a jacket for when we travel. I was in Chicago and it was in the 50s–the locals thought it was warm–I was shivering!

I love the heat. Seriously.
We are finally getting up to the 100F mark here, and I might be able to take off my jacket…, well, maybe not. Sure, people think I’m crazy, but I love the heat and hate the cold. My personal take on it, is no matter how hot it gets, there is some way to cool down. Find a breeze, or shade, or a wet towel. Now, below zero, outside, how do you warm up?

Only us six, huh? Well, that’s OK. I have just enough beers for us each to have, uh, four. :cool:

:Basks in sun:

I misread the title as ‘hot weather is FOR lovers’.

When the weather’s hot and sticky
Ain’t no time for dunkin’ dickie
When the frost is on the punkin
That’s the time for dickie dunkin’!

I used to live in the desert, and I had no problem with the heat then. (The house had a swamp cooler.) L.A. wasn’t as tolerable. I love New Orleans, but Summers there melt me. I’ll stick with the PNW.

Love the heat. I can’t stand the cold! There is nothing better than summer. Nothing.

I am a hot weather fan but this year has been relentless. Lots of 90 degree weather in Detroit. The hottest March and April ever recorded.
But it beats the hell out of snow and slippery streets.

Love it. Want more. My favorite vacation spot is Vegas in the summer. I am miserable all winter. I really need to leave Canada.

count me in when I lived in Minneapolis for a couple of years I swear it took a year for the cold to leave my bones. I like the humidity it’s like a big hug. I always feel naked in low humidity like something is missing. I grew up in Houston 99 degrees with 99 percent humidity FTW!!1!

Hot weather is fine outside.

It is when it starts to approach even 80 degrees inside that we have a problem. So yeah, hot weather is great as long as you have the money to spend on a monstrous air conditioning bill.

I much prefer it to the cold. In fact, I’ll often be found on my bicycle during the hottest part of the day.

I am a Summer baby! Born in July even! Bring on the heat! It’s been high 90s in south Jawja with a heat index well over a hundred for most of the month. OH YEAH! This is why I have a pool!

Heh. I remember as a cub when a kid had a birthday at school he or she got to wear the “birthday crown” and be first in line to go to the lunch room. Big. Whoopee. Deal. On my birthday I got to run around wild and free all day and then go home to cake, ice cream and presents!

Gimme my Summer!

I can’t believe there are this many people who like the extreme heat so much. I’ve experienced -2 F in South Dakota before and I’d take it over 100 any day. If any of you northerners want to trade (as long as it’s not real freakin cold), I’m all up for it.

Cold weather makes me hate the world. I feel like I’m all balled up into a tiny space, and I can’t stretch out. Hot weather, on the other hand, makes me feel all loose and stretchy. It’s wonderful.

Fuck winter.

Another reptile here – digging the really hot weather we’ve been having here, and looking forward to more of the same.

Okay, running for the train this morning wasn’t the best … but I got to work, washed my face, and made myself a mug of hot tea.

I grew up in Louisiana and I live in Massachusetts now and it screws me up. If I never see another snowflake in my life, it will be too soon and I am fleeing back to a more genteel latitude given the tinniest crack of a window of opportunity. Sure, New Orleans in mid-July feels like the Devil’s armpit but at least it isn’t 50F in April either like it get here during the day. A big big part of why I got divorced was over this issue. I simply can’t take the weather and my ex-wife said she would probably never want to leave the Northeast permanently. Hot weather is more important than a spouse in the long term for me so here we are.

This summer, I’m doing a lot of field work in Death Valley and nearby parts of the Mojave Desert. Today was about 103 at 2700 feet, and that’s just fine. In July and August, it’ll hit 115-120 in the same spot - that’s a little too hot even for me.

What I really hate is the humidity. The 5% I’ve got now is about right - what I grew up with on the Mid-Atlantic coast is just awful.