Female Masterbation Techniques

My beloved and I are having a little debate.

Obviously under the influence of too much hetero porn, he believes that the predominant female masterbation technique involves vigourously penetrateing onself with a toy or at least fingers while picturesquely smiling and displaying one’s “no no parts”.

I, actually being a woman, believe that the female technique is quite different from that. I think that it involves a lot of rubbing and other good stuff, but that penetration does not work in to a lot of women’s techniques.

A search for “female masterbation” turned up a lot of questionable sites and some minor anectdotal evidence. So, I turn to you. Does anyone have any insight into how often penetration plays into female solo-sexual expression?

In the name of pure research, of course…

My wife agrees that penetration rarely does anything for her - rubbing is where it’s at.

You would probably have more luck finding non-porno sites if you spelled it “masturbation”.

It’s spelled “Masturbation”. Remember, Even, boys won’t get intimate with girls who are illiterate. :smiley:

( The previous quote is attributed to Uncle Cecil. Who surely must know. )


…Also, purely in the name of research…

Definately rubbing the clitoris. Of course, everyone is different, but by and large, I have brought more women to orgasm by rubbing (or licking) than just by penatration alone.
Actually, luckily for me, I had a great epiphany when I was 17 watching a porno flick.(< ok, ok, I can already hear all you guys thinking of wiseass remarks)
I noticed that even whilst being penetrated, the woman would also rub herself. Being a quick study, I figured, “When in Rome…”. Of course being just 17 at the time, and the reality of the frequency of 17yr olds getting laid, EXTENSIVE research didn’t start until I was 20 and met the young gal who is now my wife!
Guys, If you want to keep your gal happy, and possibly take her to previously unknown levels of pleasure, don’t be a ‘hump, grunt, and rollover’ type of guy!
I always make sure she ‘arrives’ first! (With proper practice, you’ll find the trains will get to the station at the same time!)

Does this explain the blue and white striped pajamas and matching cap that my wife wears to bed??? And, what’s with the LANTERN??? :eek:


Some women can have their orgasms intensify greatly if they are holding an appropriately shaped dildo within them as they rub, or as they use a vibrator externally. However, most women never delve inside when masturbating.

Maybe the lantern is so the conductor (presummably you!) can see what he’s doing!!

(then there’s the whole subject of the caboose…)

The above responses are informative for you but just for scientific purposes you should know that there are women who regularly masturbate using both simultaneously–much like the porn women alluded to earlier. It’s sort of an all-bases covered arrangement–feels good and more filling at the same time.

evilbeth- “Tastes great, less filling!” now has an all new meaning for me… thank you.

evensven-ahem How youdoin’? Man, when I was going to Cordova, where the hell were you and other women like you… oh yeah, in grade school. Damn.