Female photographer self portrait after a domestic beating...

Hello, all. What was the name of the female photographer who took a self portrait of herself after she’d been badly beaten by her boyfriend? Does anyone know this? I studied her stuff in college, but her name escapes me. Her stuff is in color, very graphic, of real people, druggies, if memory serves…

The photo I am thinking of is titled something like “My New Look”. Her face is all bruised up and bloody, if memory serves, and I believe she’s looking right into the camera. Google has been no help thus far, and it’s driving me crazy!!!

Thanks, Dopers!

     - Freewill39.

Could it be Nan Goldin? If so, maybe this is the photo:

If not, then never mind.

She did the picture about 15 years ago, right?
I wish I could help, but I only vaugely remember the picture. I think that I saw it in Newsweek, back in 1990, but I could be way off.

Yup, that’s it! I was thinking it was Nan Goldin at some point last night after I posted, and started to search her stuff online but didn’t find the pic. But yes, that is the pic. Thanks again!

      - Freewill39.

The photo is in Goldin’s book The Ballad of Sexual Dependency if you’re looking for it.