Females, if you found out you were pregnant right now, what would you do?

Then you have to be mature enough to use it.

As for me, I’d keep it, unless it was even remotely a possible result of rape. So, babies with my husband: We’re not crazy about the idea, but if the pills didn’t work, we’d deal with it. Then off to see if I’m having a “normal” pregnancy - I am at high risk for ectopics.

If I’d gotten pregnant in high school, I would’ve had an abortion. If I’d gotten pregnant in college, I would’ve given it up for adoption. Now . . . I have a job, albeit one that’s barely supporting just me. I would want to keep it, though. If my boyfriend would help me raise it, or if either of my parents let me move in with them (I’m pretty sure they would), then I would keep it and work my ass off to make enough money. If I was all on my own, then I think it would be more responsible to give it up to someone who could provide better for it.

I’d be delighted and terrified. I’d keep it, but I would worry if having a baby would cause my seizure disorder to come back (my doctors think my seizures were caused by hormonal changes; the seizures are now in “remission” if such a word can be applied to seizures), and if I did have a seizure, what would happen to the baby.

If I were in college, I probably would have chosen to abort. I was getting over an eating disorder, then by my sophmore or junior year developed the seizure disorder, and was just beginning to deal with having been raped and beaten repeatedly during a relationship that ended my sophmore year. There’s no way in hell I could have had a baby then, even if I had given it up for adoption.

I recently realized that at this stage, getting pregnant would be a rather abrupt change in plans, but it would no longer be a catastrophe. In high school it would have been awful, and I would have had an abortion. In college, it would have been really, really hard, but I would have tried to keep it. Now, I am in my early 20s, but I am engaged and living with my partner and we have a stable life and a decent household income. Someday it’ll just be a pleasant surprise, and perhaps after that it’ll be a relief. I’m not sure I’m “ready,” but if the need arose I would pull myself together and become ready.

Consult the father. If he was willing to help me raise it, keep it. If not, abortion. I don’t think I could put myself through the stress of nine months of pregnancy to give it up.

I’d start looking for stars in the East and messengers disguised as doves! :smiley:

[/smartass] Answering the (my interpretation of) the intent of your query, though: Several years ago, I found myself single, at the tail end of what had been a serious relationship, and pregnant. I considered all of the options, and could not bring myself to abort or to put the baby up for adoption. I miscarried at about three months, but, had I not, I’d’ve figured out some way to keep the baby. (BTW, I did inform the father, but also told him that, beyond putting his name on the birth certificate, I expected nothing of him, since it my my unilateral decision to keep the baby. I’ll give him credit, though: He offered, of his own free will, to pay for half of my medical care and to pay child support. I think I would have agreed for him to pay child support, but I wouldn’t let him pay anything toward my own medical treatment.)

Since is was my unilateral decision… :smack:

Oh, I’d prolly freak out first.

Then I’d consult the father and we, in all likelihood, would choose to abort.

I know a couple of nice, smart, stable people who just had an adoption fall through at the last second. I’d see if they wanted to adopt.

If they weren’t up for it - either find another couple to adopt or keep it.

I would want more than anything to keep the baby, but due to complications from my last pregnancy, both I or the baby would have little chance of surviving the pregnancy. All three of my children have been delivered by cesarean (low transverse), and when my OBGYN began to open me up for the last one, she discovered my uterus was beginning to tear open along the scar tissue from the previous cesareans. After the baby was delivered, I remained in surgery for almost three hours while they tried to get all the bleeding from the tears under control. My doctor tied my tubes (I had signed the papers for that previous to undergoing the final cesarean), but warned me that should the tubal fail and I come up pregnant, there was no way I could carry the baby. My uterus is too damaged.

If I came up pregnant, I would almost be tempted to chance the odds. Maybe I would be able to carry it long enough to deliver it, albeit premature. My husband would be upset, though, because he honestly fears for my life. He would rather I have an abortion (and then a hysterectomy) than chance me dying.

Well, considering that we’re going to start trying on Saturday (“we shall begin Operation Bobard Uterus,” as my husband says), I’d be fine.

I’d redo the spare bedroom into a nursery and start buying baby clothes.

Well. I fought the good fight to get abortion rights, but I couldn’t do that myself, unless some dire birth defect was diagnosed.

OTOH, I’m terrible with children. Always have been – babysitting was the worst job I ever had, and I’ve had some pretty awful ones. So keeping it would be out.

I’d have to check with hubby to be sure (he and I agreed on the ‘no children’ decision, but avoiding getting pregnant is one thing, ‘giving up’ your own child might be different) but most likely I’d go for adoption. One where we get to pick the parents. Not that I would want to stay involved in the raising, but, heck, I wouldn’t hand a kitten over without satisfying myself it was going to a good home. I figure I’d owe a child AT LEAST that much.

I’d absolutely have him or her. There were times in my life when an abortion would have been a better decision (high school and college), but now that I have a permanent job, own my own home, and have a decent man in my life, I could deal with having a baby. In fact, I think I’d be really excited, but scared to death and I’d certainly freak out extensively, deeply, and loudly. But in the end I think it’d be OK. In fact, an accidental pregnancy might be the only way I ever do it, because I don’t know when I’d ever feel ready enough to do it on purpose.

I’d be ecstatic. We’ve been trying for about 10 months now to have another baby, with no luck. In another couple months, we’re going to get checked out and see what options we have to help the process along.

It’s weird, though, trying to get pregnant. All those years, you try so hard not to get pregnant. It feels very reckless having sex without protection. It’s like all of a sudden, you’re told that it’s illegal to wear a seatbelt. Bizarre feeling.

First, I’d say, “Fuck!” a lot. A LOT. Then I would cry. Then there’d be more swearing.

I strongly doubt I’d have the child. I’d likely terminate the pregnancy. In a year from now, my answer might be different, but two kids so close together would be financial, emotional, and physical doom for myself and my family.

I would be crying hysterically for the next ten days, then I’d be planning for my second baby in a year.

I don’t want another baby, but I wouldn’t have an abortion, nor would I give it up for adoption.

ftr, not that anyone asked, I’m pro-choice. It’s just not something I could go through again.

I’d attempt to carry and keep it, but it probably wouldn’t get anywhere near term- my uterus and cervix are completely shot after that last disaster (plus I have an IUD).

I can’t wait to do that. I have been so paranoid about getting pregnant my whole life, I think that would be the most exciting sex ever. Total Evil Knievel sex.

Today? I’d shout it from the hilltops once the first trimester has passed. We started our third try for the second child about two hours ago.

Twelve years ago I probably would have unashamedly had the earliest possible abortion.