Feminists Stole my Girlfriend

I have a bone to pick with the world. I am not a masogynist by any means but I have noticed something. A woman can no longer do anything nice for a man without being attacked and made to feel as though she’s been brainwashed and treated as a subhuman (there’s a band for you by the way oldie)
My girlfriend used to cook dinner for me every night. I never asked her to do this nor did I ever expect it. I have never had anyone cook for me in the past, and it had never bothered me. I in fact am a great chef, and have worked as one in the past. Though it was nice to come home from a day at work and have a meal already prepared. That is until the feminists stole my girlfriend! (insert sci fi music here)
Apparently one day while I was at work my lady friend had some company. An old friend of hers that shall remain nameless. (It was Rachael.) The nameless friend (Rachael) watched her preparing dinner and was enraged that I kept my woman enslaved while I went and cavorting around town (i.e. worked 12 hours) she must have had charts and brochures and cd roms proving her point that as far as I can gather was that I was imploying mind control to gain chicken and rice on a plate. I am just ranting now so I must digress… I apologize that my first post was simply a bitch fest (rachael wouldn’t like that term) but I just want to know, what ever happened to being able to do something nice for someone gender, race, creed, or relationship aside?

I take it Racheal is a feminist? Well, isn’t that cute.

Apparently, you haven’t been doing anything nice for your GF, so now she doesn’t feel like cooking dinner for you.

Apparently, your GF doesn’t do a lot of independent thinking, 'cause it took a third party (Rachael) for her to figure this out.

Apparently, Rachael is fighting you for control of your GF’s mind.

everyone can have there minds back, I wasn’t even aware that I was in posession of any.

Hey Skarecrow

I have to admit that I too get harassed by some of my female friends when I do anything “feminine” for my male friends. The fact is, just like I do with my female friends, I enjoy taking some care of my male friends and enjoy cooking sometimes, cleaning etc and making their lives a little nicer.

I think there isn’t enough just “nice” behaviour in the world and we spend far to much time looking for hidden meanings.

Think part of the thread title is missing: “And she won’t let them give her back”.

First: it’s spelled misogyny.

Second: What your girlfriend was being told sounds like the concept of false conciousness. This is something I learned about in the past term when I took a class in Feminist Philosophies.

False conciousness is the concept that because women have been raised in the patriarchy that they don’t know what has been culturally programmed and what they are actually choosing of their own free will.

Example: Cooking for one’s mate. In the past this was a cultural expectation which in some relationships was enforced with force if dinner wasn’t on the table at a certain time. It can be seen that some women would see that cultural expectation being still in force, just not enforced in the same way, so some women question whether they cook for their men because they want to or because it is expected.

I empathize with you, Scarecrow. Sometimes I think that people are too politically correct in today’s day and age. I personally believe that some of these negative stertypes are actually perpetuated by those that claim to want equality for all types of people (whether it be race, creed, sex, etc.). In other words, your feminist 3rd party (Rachael) perpetuates the stereotype that all women cook by making a big stink about it. IMHO, she has just widened the sex gap between you and your SO.

Sounds like (Rachael) needs a good session of hot, wet monkey fucking.


Why am I always one post behind! Always!!

That’s what I wanted to say.

This really pisses me off…


We have your womynfriend. Donate $300 in Sackies to NOW or we’ll turn her into a lesbian. We’re feminists, so you know we’re not joking. Don’t go to the police, they’re male chauvinist pigs. (Pigs! Get it? Ha, ha! Ahem…)


Does your girlfriend also work outside of the home? How are the other household chores divided? Do you feel that you treat her with respect? It could be that her girlfriend is meddling where she doesn’t belong, but it could be that she is seeing some things from a somewhat removed perspective that you aren’t seeing. Would you give us more details?

Hey, c’mon, isn’t it only fair to open this up to counterbidding? Announcing the Rachel fund: for those who think the world needs more lesbians. Please contribute your Sackies to continue the rescue of Skarecrow’s girlfriend!

don Jaime- you win ten Wonko points to do with as you will for that quote, and five for making me laugh!

St. Attila- you get seven and a half Wonko Points for the trueness of your statement.

Hi Scott!

If the fact that say your girlfriend has been stolen because she no longer has a hot meal waiting for you when you get home makes me suspect that perhaps Rachael was right on target.

In any case, go cook a fancy romantic dinner for your girlfriend utilizing all your great cheffing skills, tell her how much you’ve appreciated her cooking dinner for you all this time (if you haven’t done so already), and tell her that you enjoy cooking for her as well. You know (conspiratorial whisper) some couples even enjoy cooking (makes sure no one from the Virginia State Legislature is listening in) together!

Um, isn’t that sort of a paralyzing worldview? I’d think it would be easy to spend your entire day second guessing your actions and motivations.

“Hmm…I think I’ll eat at Ruby Tuesday!”
“Oh no! What if I only think I like Ruby Tuesday? What if I’m just acculturated to think their Fajitas are the bees knees? Now I can’t go there!”
“But what if, by rejecting them, I’m only doing so because of some early childhood fajita trauma!”

And then I guess you melt or something.

Me? I’m in it for the fajitas.

So take her out for dinner, no one has to cook then.

Yup. The joys of postmodernism.

If you think about how women have been oppressed for centuries, it isn’t paralyzing as much as it is self-analysis of ones actions.

The word is enculturated, not acculturated.

And your snide example is wrong and insulting. Not surprising from someone who benefits from the patriarchal culture we are in. Do you refuse to look at the other perspectives, or are you just too stunted to consider what others may go through?

I don’t know which quote is funnier, Jonathan Chance’s or Hastur’s. I do however know, that only -one- was meant to be funny, and -that’s- funny!