Fenris=fictional character?

My wife and I were discussing S.D. and life this morning, and I happened to mention our beloved chronicler of the Origin Stories of the Moderators, Fenris. (Note to Mods: feel free to change that phrase to a link if you want to reveal your sordid stories! :wink: )

Her ears perked up, and she noted that at a S.F. convention, Katharine Kurtz, creator of the Deryni, had auctioned off the right to have yourself appear in a Deryni story to help raise money for some charity that was being sponsored, or possibly to pay convention bills. And that the auction had been won by one Fenris, or at least that was his S.C.A. identity that he wanted her to use.

The story in question is “Trial” and appears in her Deryni Chronicles anthology.

Which leads me to wonder if our resident Fenris, whom I know is an avid F&SF fan and whom I seem to remember having mentioned involvement in S.C.A., is the Fenris.

All of which makes me wonder about this board – we’re having fictional characters show up now?!? :eek:

Um, Poly, do you mean to imply you think that any of the other characters on this board have an existence IRL? :confused:

What a frightening thought!

Well, the OTHER Fenris is a really big doggy…
…IIRC doesn’t the wolf kill Odin at Ragnarok? Think it’s Loki-spawn.

Yeah, from what I recall Fenris is a giant wolf in old Norse religion. Any number of people could have picked it up.

::blink:: Beloved!? Thanks! You just made my day considerably nicer (it’s been a looooong day)!

But, nope. 'twasn’t me. I suspect that we both got our name from the character from Norse Mythology. (Since a couple of people have asked, here’s a couple of links to the origin of the name. Check out this encyclopedia article or this, the main “Fenris” story of Norse mythology here.) Don’t read too much into the choice of name. I used it as a teen in my B.B.S. days, because it sounded “tough” and “cool” and…well…I’ve just stuck with it ever since.


I wasn’t aware of the Norse mythology connection. I had been connecting it to Fenris Ulf, a character in C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I think he was the chief of the wicked queen’s security staff (and a wolf, by the way.)

Hey! That second link was mine from a previous post! Fenris, you care! Or you found it yourself and it was all a big co-incidence… Naw. Fenris! you care!