Ferocious Puffball vs Terrifying Hand of Doom video (I'm such a sucker; new kitten)

I got an email in the middle of the night Thursday night from Meghan, a girl in my sculpture class. She had rescued a tiny kitten outside a bar in Tremont and was looking for a home for it. I agreed to “foster” it and find a home for him, provided that it tested negative on all the various kitty diseases. So yesterday morning she took him to the vet. He tested negative for everything. They estimate that he is 5-6 weeks old. They gave him a bath, a flea treatment, and a worm treatment, and last night Meghan brought him over.

Yeah, like we’re really gonna find a home for him. He’s stayin. It’s kinda obvious.

He’s a little orange ball of fluff. Long hair, 1lb 2oz, feisty and adorable.Proof is in this video
(watch it in high quality for maximum cuteness)

SQUEEEEEEEEE! That is the cutest kitty ever (after my two kitties, of course). I love how EVERYTHING is a toy when they’re kittens. Decided on a name yet?

If they could bottle that energy, I’d drink some.

Cute! Congratulations on your new addition to the family.

No name yet. We want to avoid the clichés though, so nothing like “Morris” or “Tiger” or “Butterscotch” etc.

Since he has orange hair I was thinking I might try to name him something Irish. But I may also name him Squish. We’re still talking.


He looks a bit like an Otis to me. Or Clarence. But Squish is cute, too.

I’m on dial-up so I only watched a few seconds.Very cute.

How about “Fireball”?

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… now I’m wishing my fuzzbutts were cute little furrballs again. Actually, I take that back. Kittens are exhausting.

I hereby nominate the following redhead-appropriate names:

And I know you didn’t want something stereotypical, but if he was mine, I’d totally call him Hobbes.

A future lolcat no doubt.

My parents have a similar yellow cat who had it’s ear chewed off prior to adoption. She’s named Golda Meir… nyuk nyuk

As ferocious as he is!

Sher Khan!

Was Golda missing an ear IRL?

Brian Boru.

If not that, then maybe Máel Sechnaill mac Máele Ruanaid ;).

Julius (Orange Julius, geddit!)

That is exceedingly cute. I’m away from home for a month and missing my kitty. I saw a couple of cats while I was out walking yesterday. But they wouldn’t let me pet them.:frowning:

Good Lord but he’s a bouncy one! And so fluffy, I’d snorgle him in an instant. A wonderful addition to your family. :slight_smile:

That falls into the “way too cliché” category. I figure probably 1 in 20 orange cats is named Julius. Not that it isn’t a cute name.

Vyvvyan is perfect, Johnny! From the Young Ones, right? How good!

Want! Oh my lord that’s a handful of squee!

How about Pardes? It’s Hebrew in origin, means “Orange Grove”.

Or we can go for types of oranges. Kona. Hamlin. Chinotto.

I kinda like Hamlin, myself.