'Fess up. Who forgot me while I was gone?

Hey folks,

For those of you who might remember me, a lot has happened over the summer.

I had my second wedding in Montreal (on top of the first one in Vancouver because the US govt was forcing us to).

I quit my job as a TV producer, because I’ve moved from Vancouver to Manhattan.

I’m about to get fingerprinted and have my eyeballs scanned so I can actually work here in the US instead of just mooching off my lovable wife.

And I see there’s a MegaDopeFest planned for two months from now. Cool.

So. What’s new with the rest of you guys?

Who are you again?


Hey, Barbarian! Nice to see you around again. waves in his general direction

Nothing much is new with me… but I couldn’t forget you, not when you look so eerily like my friend Mark. (the one we were discussing last year, whose friend Derek used to work with you at the TV station)

Glad to hear you’re doing well. :slight_smile:

too bad Mark won’t get a chance to meet his double NOW… :wink:


Well, I do plan to take a couple trips to the land of beaches n mountains next year. The guy who married me in Montreal is getting married on the Canada day Weekend…

Woo, grats on the move and the visa (I assume) progress. :slight_smile:

You were gone? I could have sworn I saw a post by you last week!

Well congrats on your two marriages.