Fill your post with Wikipedia links.

This thread is dedicated to linking superfulously to Wikipedia. Not every word or phrase needs to be a link, but the Wikipedia entry should relate to the word or phrase connected to it. Include as many as possible without repeating a link.

I will start by relating to you all the demise of my wife’s MINI Cooper. The CVT trasnmission failed on her way to work a few weeks ago. It could not be repaired, and the cost of replacing it, plus the cost of replacing the GPS navigation system (also busted), was roughly $11,000. We estimated the value of the car in-tact to be a bit over $13,000. We ended up selling it for $3,800 to a private mechanic. While I’m riding light rail to work, we’re looking into purchasing a Honda Element.

Feel free to move the topic along in whatever direction you feel like, this is a free-ranging subject thread.

Until a decision is made on a game forum, we’re still following the guidelines for games here in MPSIMS. This particular game is merely post-padding, so I’m closing it down.