First Image of Halle Berry as Catwoman

Alright here’s a picture of her as Catwoman.

So what do you guys think of it, I think it looks like crap. I mean what’s with the bikini top with the weird belts, and the oddly scratched up pant legs.

I thought what they did with X2, and Daredevil was a lot better-having superheroes in leather. Plus it’s cat woman- it’s not much of a stretch to have her fully covered in leather.

Right now it looks like they designed the costume to be sexy, not useful-who the hell wears that when they go steal stuff. I think the current design of catwoman, with the goggles and short hair is the best- and would look awesome on the big screen. But I bet this costume’s not going to last long anyway.

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I saw the pic in a magazine yesterday. I thought the costume was OK, but I noticed that it’s not Selina Kyle, but some other Catwoman (don’t remember the name). What’s up with that?

A different link from Ain’t It Cool News

Boy that costume stinks.


It looks like junk. And looks really fake. i hope it is.

It’s not the same Catwoman because WB wants the movie to suck even more than their Superman movie, which begins filming in 2 months and has no director or star.

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::shakes fist::

[Jay Sherman]

It stinks!

[Jay Sherman]

I mean really, I’ve not cared for Halle ever since she whined about being reduced to being in a comic book movie when she was filming the first X-Men movie. Now she cries that she doesn’t have enough screen time and fanboys should write Fox and tell them she needs to be on screen more.

That aside, this isn’t Catwoman. This is a woman in a cat suit. I have heard though that Michelle Pfifer (sp?) is to do a cameo as Selina Kyle. I’m sure it’s just speculation at this point though.

Max, how would they do that? She died at the end of Batman Returns. Didn’t she?

Remember how bad Nightcrawler looked in his first photo release? Remember how kickass that turned out in X2?

Hee hee! :smiley:

That’s a drawing. And I don’t think it’s that bad, as long as the pants are shiny. What?

Costume? What costume?

More like Mousewoman.


Didn’t they do something at the end that made it seem ambiguous as to whether she was dead or not? After all, don’t cats have nine lives?

Hold on, I’m checking the tape.

OK, Bruce Wayne is riding in the back of his limo, stroking a black cat, and he mutters something about good will toward men and women. We get a view of the city with snow falling on it, pan up to the sky, and there’s the bat signal. And oh yeah, there’s Catwoman, presumably on a rooftop overlooking the scene.

Looks to me like an “out” so they can have her in future movies.

Hmm, with the huge stable of Batman villians established over 60 years, why are they reusing them already?

Yeah, that costume pretty much sucks donkey balls. But believe it or not, the Punisher outfit is even lamer.

The only thing that sucks about that cosutme is that there is one. I mean cats don’t wear costumes, they prowl around au naturel and that is what Halle should do to.