First Image of Halle Berry as Catwoman

That’s a fake, and not a good one. I’ve got cash to wager against anyone who thinks that’s an official “Publicity” shot, as Knowles puts it.

Yes, I look forward to the scenes where she sprays to mark her territory.

Don’t get nervous, babies, it’s not as bad as all that. Here are some acutal pictures from the set:,,4-2003450911,00.html

Mask needs work.

And let’s not talk about how Catwoman gets her really deep tan, eh? :wink:

AFAIK the Catwoman film is to be independent of any Batman film.
Also, I think Halle Berry is a terrible actress.

The ears are too big.

Quite frankly, that suit looks rather skanky. After seeing Swordfish, I’m not turned on by Ms Berry anymore (how many $100,000’s per nipple?). Oh, and I don’t have high hopes for the ‘Jinks’ 007 spin off movie either.

Why can that make a Harley Quinn movie instead?

Primus, I hope not – I don’t want another quality Bat-character effed up by the Bat-movie-franchise…

Because catwoman is the sexiest, and a lot of them were really lame? Seriously, because everyone’s heard of penguin, riddler, joker, catwoman. Yeah, there’s some other’s who’d be good to see.

This thread was the first I’d heard of Halle Berry as Catwoman.

I always heard Michelle Pfeiffer was going to reprise the role. What happened with that?

It’s a shame, isn’t it? If someone had said "Halle Berry as catwoman in a bikini and ripped leather’ I’d’ve gone ‘Wow!’ but this pic seems to mess it up entirely :frowning:

Sigh… I give up on any new WB Superhero movie. They don’t get it and they own DC!!

No one has the balls to go back to the basics of what Batman is, nor will they take chances on the costume and the things that work in the comics.

We’ll get another rubbersuit Batman who will have no interesting character and most of the film will centre on the villain. Will there be teh wild gothic gotham sets? You bet because it worked in teh first three movies.

I wish they’d start from scratch and let the last franchise be a seperate set of their own.

You’ll be glad to hear then that Chris Nolan, director of the new Batman, says “no rubber suits” and wants to rely on a more realistic version of the costume. Probably because it’s a “year one” story, I think. Can’t remember where I read that but it was undoubtedly on

This is the first I heard of Halle as Catwoman as well, and I have to agree with everyone that this costume is a huge piece of crap. Anyone else notice the bare toes?

Also, what’s the plot to the new Batman movie? I thought it was supposed to be a precursor…Batman Year One if you will. Perhaps she’s supposed to be a different character than Selina Kyle? Hey, Harvey Dent changed skin tone in the movies, I don’t see why she couldn’t.

And I agree with everyone who claims she’s a terrible actress as well. And I saw Operation: Swordfish, and I gotta say…those breasts were NOT worth the hype.

It’s not a Batman movie, it’s a Catwoman movie. And as I stated before, it’s NOT Selina Kyle.

Apparently, it’s someone named “Patience Price”.

Wow. Uhm…yah…looks bad. But I agree that it does look more like an artist’s rendition than an actual publicity shot. So maybe there is hope.
I have mixed feelings about this film. But I’ll still be there to see it in theatres.

I’ve often wondered the same thing myself.

I’ve often come to the same conclusion myself.

Since when do cats scratch themselves to shreds?

It’s hot, but it’s not Catwoman hot.

I don’t believe it! They gavce away part of the plot on the movie’s frontpage of the IMDB!

Oh, I don’t know. I’ll be happy to not see this movie.

Michelle Pfeiffer made a MUCH better Catwoman than this piece of crap.

Make a new Batman in the manner of the first Tim Burton version, with the Clock King as the antagonist. Or maybe Clayface.

Batman movies have been a bit shitty lately, but they can be redeemed by tapping the roots.