This movie is in heavy previews at the theatres. It looks like it must be awful.

And sure enough, it is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lower tomato-meter. Is this a new record?

Wow, what a waste of talent. What was Halle thinking?

Wow, these bags of money sure are heavy.

Eartha Kitt needs to step off. I’m Catwoman, dammit.

“The Showgirls of superhero movies.”
– Robert K. Elder, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

That’s the best comment I’ve seen.

Are hospitals going to be flooded by small-minded people who discover what they thought was Halle doing backflips was really a guy?

Nope, I’ve seen films listed with tomato ratings in the single digits. The new release Cinderella Story is tied with Catwoman.

Alex and Emma scored a 9%, and the classic Adventures of Pluto Nash only managed 6%… :slight_smile:

The sad part about this is that people will go to anything that is hyped enough, regardless of the reviews. It will probably only make tens of millions, boo hoo.

Marci X got a 9% and Gigli got a 7%.

I’m guessing that costume design alone knocked it rating down about 25%.

That mask is pure evil, sez I. EEEEVIL!

(“Pure kitsch” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Kiiiiitsch!)

Annnnd the winner goes to: TWISTED (2004). Ashley Judd and Samuel L. Jackson. 2% fresh. 98% rotten.

If Catwoman ever decides she needs to get hitched, here’s the perfect candidate.

And this guy could be her second husband.

And this guy could be her third husband.

I created the character of Catman last year and drew several Catman comics, here is one of them.

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever got a 0% rating. Not one single positive review.

Since this appears to be the only active Catwoman thread, I’d thought I’d post a mini-review.

First of all, I saw the movie thru the “kindness” of others. I.e., I certainly wasn’t going to go out and see this on my own.

The movie has 2 very different parts: the action scenes and the other stuff. The action scenes are the worst I’ve seen. Even worse than Van Helsing by a large margin. Terrible effects, crazy editing, overdrawn and just plain stupid. The finale with Catwoman against Sharon Stone just drags on and on and on and still ends with The Classic Cliche Ending. The rest of the movie is not good, nor really bad. It’s just Stuff On Film That You Sit Thru. Those parts didn’t really stink to high heaven or anything. They just took up time. That’s all.

So overall, a bad movie, but not a total sinker. Somewhere around a half star but not a 0 star movie.

The thing that baffles me is the complete and utter failure in the Catwoman costume dept. Julie Newmar and Michelle Pfeiffer had good costumes. Halle Barry’s is just plain bad. The only sexiness comes from having more bare flesh exposed, which means that she could have been sexier without a costume at all. (Well, I mean, err, you know, just something revealing and not cat related.) If you can’t come up with a sexy cat-motif costume, what’s the point of doing the film?

As far as I’m concerned, Bratt in Catwoman and Ruffalo in In the Cut are the same guy. Kinda creepy.

I went to see Catwoman with my GF last night mostly just to watch Halle Barry. My GF and I compared notes on hot actresses and actors one night and we agreed that Halle was at the top of our current lists. Halle looked very cute in the scenes without the cat garb. She looked ok in the scenes with the garb, with the mask being the downfall.

I almost think that this movie is one of those were everyone piles on about how bad it is just to try to build their own message board/reviewer cred. That’s not to say that it was a good movie, but it certainly wasn’t any worse than The Punisher, Van Helsing, or even The Hulk.

The plot was small and easy to see through just like everyone expected. There was a scene with Frances Conroy (Ruth in Six Feet Under) that was very bad. Sharon Stone’s character may have been believable enough as a criminal mastermind (for this kind of movie anyway), but not for the final fight scene with Catwoman. The mask needed to go.

However, I did like some of the touches to the movie. Halle unmindfully walking along the back of her couch was cat-like and cute (some of the other cat-like things were definitely trying too hard). I liked the music blended with the action scenes (even though I’m not much into that type of music). The artists and designers all using Macs was a nice touch. Did I mention that Halle Barry was damn cute too?

Overall, it wasn’t a good movie, but I’ve seen worse. I don’t think it was as bad as a lot of people wanted it to be.

Did she lick her own butt, throw up on the rug and scratch the hell out of the furniture?

You mean she does that in the movies, too?

Hmmm… the whole “cat cleaning itself” thing might have been interesting…

I was referring more to her reactions to dogs, tuna, and sushi though.

After I saw that it got a rating of 1/2-star in the Toronto Star, I decided to skip it…