First Thread I Started

As we wait for the 3000th person to register with this board, I thought it would be nice to have have members list the first thread that they started.

Mine asked about the origin of the equals sign.

I have absolutely no idea, nor do I know if I can check it, since going back through thousands of dead threads is NOT my idea of a productive internet session.

Whatever it was, I’m sure it was wonderful, though… :slight_smile:

Yer pal,

It was in About This Message Board, and I asked about searching for replies to your own posts. For anybody who gives a shit, here it is.

Gawrsh, was I ever that young?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

My first thread:

Laugh or orgasm?

(Hope I didn’t bauble that URL…)

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There’s no way That I could possibly recall my first thread. But I do remember my first thread in Great Debates; it wwas titled “A credible threat” and was a 2nd Amendment related topic.

I really wasn’t experiencing a pressing need to resolve the question. I just stumbled across Great Debates right after Ed Zotti opened it and I thought there’s no way I can pass up a chance to post the first topic to a new forum.

Believe it or not, it went something like “Is there any truth to the rumour that there is poison in licorice?” It elicited six or seven posts from generous souls. No one had heard anything about this. I didn’t pursue my investigation further :).

My first thread talked about the origins of the story of Fidel Castro being a minor league baseball player, and how they were just that stories, and not true.
Not many responses.
But, thats ok, first threads are like that.
I haven’t been very prolific since then, just here and there posts.


I think my first post, or at least the first I remember was called “Conditions of Marriage”. It was an innocent little question about why clergy get to perform marriage ceremonies and I don’t. After a few answers, it degenerated into some huge debate on the law, religion, the Mormons, and God only knows what else. At least I got a good reaction.

One of my other first posts was about how “long” the horizon was. I got lots of good answers that impressed me muchly. Always gives you warm fuzzies to know people think your question is good enough to work out a decent answer.

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I remember that one, Jophiel. It’s funny how launching one that takes life often results in something for which you just don’t have the time to write a book in response. Or, they evolve into a verbal slugging match between two dominant posters, with asides and wisecracks from others.

The first thread I replied to was the BBQ Columbine thread, that, I’m sure of.

IIRC, the first thread I ever started was called Pregnancy and Parenting Stories, or some such…obviously in the MPSIMS forum.

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My first thread was just a few days ago, and was just whining about my idiot bank. The Bank Horror thread, to be exact.


I love pointless nostalga.

My first thread OP was <font color=“blue”>“Normal People Watch MTV, I Watch Action News”</font>.

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My first post:

"If humans had 12 fingers instead of 10, would the way we count things be different? I would assume so. The way we percieve time and mathematics would sure be changed as well as every other number-derived system. If we were to create new numbers, what would we name them? Where would we put them in our current number order? "

circa 4-15-99

ahhh… I rememeber the old days…

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My first thread was started on March 11, and was screaming over the fact that there was no way to mark posts read, as there was on the old board.

I didn’t like the format of this board much when it first opened. I’m still not wild about it, but I’m resigned.


My first thread was about wedding rings in commercials. That was over a year ago. I remember being terrified that I was about to be shredded by rabid intellectuals for asking a stupid question. I think I got about ten replies, which I thought was pretty good. (My frozen mammoth thread in GQ is the longest-running thread I’ve ever authored.) And so far, in the year I’ve been here, I’ve only been verbally bludgeoned by He Whose Name We Shall Not Speak and once tangled with Nickrz.

It’s been fun.

My first original topic was in GQ - it requested information about “Nanny Nanny Boo Boo”…

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Well, my first post was really original. It introduced me to the board and got a lot of “Hi, Coldfire ! Welcome to the Nuthouse” reactions… for whomever is still interested,


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The first thread I started (well, really, it’s the ONLY one I’ve started) was for the Chicago SDMB gathering. It’s still going, and I’ve actually gotten way more replies than I had expected. I was afraid it was going to die off since I haven’t been posting all that long.

Of course, it’s showing signs of NEVER ending unless we can figure out a time when we can all get together, but I can live with that.