First Thread: Two Questions

Well This is my first Thread ever (happy birthday to me) I’ve been lurking under my friends account and finally figured it was my time.

I have two question for the studio audiance.

Question 1
What is a good timeline for a relationship, i.e. how long till first kiss, macking…etc
whats too fast or too slow. I hear people throw that around alot “wow you guys are going way too slow, wy don’t you dump that cold fish” or “wow you found yourself a real slut you guys are blazing”

Question 2
What do you do when all you have ever been had been Passion Personafied, everything you do is filled with passion and intent and there is no half way. What do you do when you wake up one morning after twenty years and find the fire gone. You still enjoy things but that extra something isn’t there anymore. And anything that is linked to passion i.e. the physical sides of romance, doesn’t appeal in the slightest.
What happans when the Phoenix loses its fire?

Your first question isn’t easily answered. Everyone is different and every relationship is different. I can’t help there.

But as for your second question…well…alcohol is flammable. :slight_smile: