Fix the "BACK" problem.

Sure you will move this message. I DONT CARE. You post a message or reply, click “back”, and you have just posted two or more identical messages. Sure I am aware or the problem, but I click the back button for other web stuff with no problems. Please Fix it guys.

Try scrolling back up to the top of the page (after you’ve read your post, post-posting (that should be “after you posted” but I couldn’t resist the punnage), to make sure that some funky html stuff didn’t happen w/o your knowledge), and just clicking on the forum title (“GQ” in this case) to go back to the list of topics. I often accidentally click back - it’s not that hard to get used to, though.

Did I just make ANY sense?

Sucks to your assmar.

They can’t fix it, it’s just the nature of the UBB boards. Get used to it.

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Actually, I think it is a good feature. It helps to avoid double-posting when hitting reload.

Is this browser specific?

I haven’t seen this happen with my posts. I figured it would the first time I tried posting, hit BACK and when “oops”, but nothing went wrong, so I’ve been using BACK ever since.

I’m using IE 4 and 5.

I think I understand the problem described in the original message. I am using IE5 and I also have a problem right after I post. If I click on “Back”, I am sent back (logically enough) to the redirect message, which redirects me to the message thread I just replied to. If I click on back again, I once again see the redirect page, and so on. (The problem is that the redirect message page doesn’t “time out”.)

I get around this problem by clicking on the little down-arrow beside the “Back” key (on IE5) and clicking on the top-most example of “The Straight Dope Message Board”. This takes me back to the list of threads.

I think the OP’s point was that after you’ve posted, you usually want to go “back” to the list of threads, not the thread itself. That’s not to say that it’s not nice to see your golden words as they would actually appear, but after seeing that, it would be nice to have a quick way to jump back to where you were in the list of threads. Alas, the Back key doesn’t accomplish this (post-post, as somebody said) in IE5.

I’m not complaining, really. I can live with the system the way it is.

It sounded to me like OP was complaining about having the form data (message) reposted after hitting BACK.

Like I said, I personally use the back button all the time and haven’t had this problem, so either its because I never waited for the redirect page to finish its re-redirect once I hit back, or because IE 4 and 5 don’t repost form data when you click back.

cooldude: Out of curiosity, what browser are you using?

I use IE5 and I can go back either using the BACK key or using the down arrow next to it. You just have to be sure you’re quick enough to hit the BACK key before the redirect page sends you forward again.

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Ah, what I do is I just use that GO button, select the ‘message forum’ from it. You know what happens? It reloads that list of message headers really really quick. It does NOT show the new messages I wrote though, which is fine with me.

I got Netscape 4.7 so I don’t get a double posting using the Back button. Maybe you need update your browser?