Florida Man, the worst superhero ever


Now he has a canine sidekick - Florida Dog!: https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/22/us/florida-dog-drives-circles-trnd/index.html

Oh no, you leave me outta this!

!!Florida Man game show!!:

I started to go to Florida once but was beaten up and robbed along the way so I returned to New Jersey. Did I miss anything good?

The answer is always “no.”

Florida Man coughs, spits and sneezes all over a Vero Beach Best Buy after refusing to wear a mask:

Florida Woman in the news, too.

More than a year old, but I just saw it:

Much as I’d love this story to be true, I can’t find any mention of it except on a couple of humor web sites. I don’t see it on any legitimate news site. And there are some parts of the story that ping my bullshit meter, like the statement “However, Joseph didn’t face any charges because apparently, this is a mistake anyone who loves their dog, as much as Joseph does, will make when pressed against a life pondering question.” Even accepting that the last part of this sentence is deliberate humor, if he really abducted someone, he would certainly face charges. I also can’t find any evidence that there’s a faculty member named Ryan Lockhart at the University of South Florida.

Back in the news:

The show Atlanta (which I love) covered Florida Man in the first episode of Season 2. Pretty funny. Here’s a scene: