Food affecting your health

How much does diet affect your health? My ex eats only omelet sandwich for breakfast (with mayo), grilled cheese for lunch, and either grilled cheese or chicken sandwich with mayo for supper. that’s IT.
He is on a bit of prescriptions, one for cholesterol (he had a stroke last Nov).
Hes 5’7" and 180. When I met him, he was 130.
Would just like your informed opinions.
Myself, I have yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, broccoli, spaghetti and meatballs.

I’m pretty sure you know the answer.

Based on his diet I’d say he’s anesthetizing himself with food, like a drinker or drug addict. All the stuff he eats I would expect to make him dopey and sleepy much of the time. So I suggest therapy to find out what he is hiding from. This is my unsolicited armchair (well, task chair) diagnosis, informed by a lifetime of overeating experience.

he used to be an addict, and only started ballooning when he got on his proper meds instead of illegal ones.

It does sound like he may have switched his addiction from illegal substances to food. As Roderick Femm suggests, it would probably be worthwhile for him to seek therapy to deal with the underlying issues, or raise them with whoever is supporting him in overcoming his previous addictions.

Addiction issues aside, the diet you described is closely linked to your ex’s health problems.

The only healthy thing he’s eating is, possibly, the chicken. And I’m guessing that in addition to the cholesterol, he’s probably consuming quite a lot of sodium.

That seems like a leap. Personally, I don’t eat well, I’ve never eaten well, but I’m most certainly not hiding from anything and/or attempting to stay sleepy. I’m just a picky eater, I know what I like and I tend to stick to it.

Do you know something I don’t? I didn’t see anything in the OP about substance abuse/addiction.

Diet (and exercise) affects your health, but the true root cause of death is aging.

Healthy diet adds something like 2-5 years to life expectancy.

Third post, she said he used to be an addict.

What was he addicted to? I’m not convinced he’s addicted to food per se, but the problems he has may be making it harder for him to make good food choices.

Or he may just not be interested in/up to eating healthily because of mental health problems.

There’s certainly plenty of research that says in general, that eating lots of fruits and veggies and a variety of food reduces your chances of having cardio-vascular disease, cancer, and similar issues.

However, I’m sure he’s gotten these messages from his healthcare providers. Do you think we will be able to provide some sort of information that would convince him to improve his diet when they haven’t been able to?

Ahh, see that now.
In that case, I’d ask what drugs he was on while he was an addict. If he was doing cocaine or meth (or even way too much adderall/ritalin etc) for years, then it’s more likely to be getting clean than bad eating driving up his weight. And even then, it’s not so much that the bad diet is causing him to put on weight as the drug use was keeping his weight down. Uppers give you a lot of energy and ruin your appetite.

Has he discussed his food choices with his doctor? It certainly doesn’t sound like he’s eating “heart healthy” foods, but maybe it’s worth it to him anyway.

That diet looks seriously vitamin-deficient to me.

If his medication is for schizophrenia, then it’s perfectly typical for him to pack on weight.

But antipsychotics make you gain weight because they increase appetite. How many omelet sandwiches, grilled cheese and chicken sandwiches is he eating a day?

Yeah, that occurred to me, too. I don’t see any mention of fruits or vegetables.

I’m t1 diabetic. You bet my diet effects my health. If he keeps this up he’s heading toward t2 diabetes.
OTOH, I get on food fetishes. My diet is quite restrictive. When I find something I like and I can have I go into full on craving mode. I eat properly 95% of the time. But I will get my desired food(corndogs, baby!) anytime I can. I’m scrawney so I can handle fattening stuff as long as my carbs and sugars are ok.

ETA, I’m not a health care provider or any kinda of medical person. This my opinion only.

And fiber-deficient.

Diet affects health. Everyone should go to the doctor to discuss their diet and get their blood checked. Many people with healthy diets still have deficiencies and will be surprised at what is found. For instance, I found out I have a B12 deficiency; the doctor wanted me to get injections, but it turns out I just need to swallow large B12 pills.

Unfortunately the discourse around health is confusing and often aggressive. For instance, eggs are protein-packed. But they contain cholesterol. They’re healthy. They’re deadly. No, they’re healthy. No, a new study says they will kill you. Cholesterol isn’t deadly. Yes it is… … RAGEQUIT!

I looked up which foods provide complete protein on Wikipedia last week, and was surprised to see that beef does not provide complete protein! (It’s missing one amino acid, which cattle don’t use but humans do.) Everyone should eat a variety of foods, and it seems OP’s ex is not doing that.

Time Travel Dietician

This guy has already had a stroke. A high cholesterol diet - for example, too much cheese - could literally kill him.