Foods that are too, too Tempting

Do you have a food that you like so much that if you buy it or make it you’ll eat it all, so you just don’t bring it into the house? Something that you just can control yourself with?

I LOVE cooked chocolate pudding (not instant). If I make a pot of that deliciousness I would eat the entire thing within the day. So I rarely make it - maybe once every couple of years.

There are also bars that are really easy to make, but I would eat them steady until they were gone and then want more. It’s just chocolate chips, butter, and peanut butter melted together and then some mini-marshmallows stirred in. Chill, cut, and then eat until you can eat no more. I haven’t made them in a couple of years. The last time I made them, I sat on the couch with a container of them and ate until they were gone. UGH!

Banana bread with chocolate chips
Bakery donuts - I will allow myself to buy one once in a while. I won’t buy a whole box/bag.
Lucky Charms

I’m incapable of leaving any marzipan.

Crab meat, preferably blue crab, but snow crab and king crab legs are just as delicious. Fortunately, or not, it’s all prohibitively expensive.

Watermelon. Any watermelon I buy is a single serving.

Girl Scout cookies, a box is one serving in one sitting right?

I can’t make that Nabisco vanilla wafer and banana pudding. I’m a sucker for custardy, vanilla-y, soft desserts, and bananas just ramp up the yumminess. If I make one, I can’t stop eating it. So I haven’t made one in years.

Chocolate eclair or puff pastry. If a Tiramisu lasts an hour in our house, we’re lucky.

Like for many people mine is PIZZA!!

Two foods that I limit my purchase of to just a few times a year (and then, just small quantities), otherwise I would eat 24/7 with subsequent consequences:

  • Cheese

  • Ice Cream

I once had a line of ten or twelve rectangular glass Taster’s Choice jars on a shelf next to my recliner. I filled them with a variety of hard candy. It was said to resemble a candy store, and it was a nice visual. It didn’t last long because I couldn’t stop reaching up for a jar until they were all empty. It was a matter of days. Now I limit myself to Atomic Fireballs, and I have to keep them across the room.

Roasted and salted almonds.

I bet I could easily deplete a one pound bag of them.

Yes. And don’t forget Dungeness :crab:

Any shellfish for me, actually. Lobster, shrimp, crawdads…love them waterbugs.

Maple sugar was my crack for a while.

I’d over-concentrated 2 pints of maple syrup I was making, and ended up with a few oz of solid clear pieces of maple candy. Damn, that stuff, with its sweetness and taste of pure maple was delicious.

And lately I’ve been consuming too many sriracha peas, too.

Dungeness is good too, I’m a fan. I really like that the segments are kind of flat and easy to get into. I appreciate that the meat usually comes out whole or in large pieces.

Maybe it’s just me, but I kind of like putting the work into getting the meat. There’s something satisfyingly primitive and barbaric about the cracking and the ripping apart to get at the sweet, sweet crab within. Snow crab is almost too much work; king crab is almost too easy (besides the sharp spines on the shells). Dungeness seems just right.

Several years ago Costco used to carry king crab legs as long as my arm. They were enormous (and so was the price, of course). When we’d occasionally indulge, I’d crack one big leg segment and pull out a single piece of crab meat the size of a kielbasa. It was delicious, but somehow disappointing. Maybe ‘anticlimactic’ is the best word. Costco has since scaled down the size of the king crab they offer, I imagine because it’s just no longer available that size.

If I’m in weight loss mode there are many foods I try to keep out of the house. The top temptations are ice cream, potato chips, Cheezits, good cheese, and Reese’s PB Cups.

Like the OP I like cooked pudding. I started cooking Jello pudding in grade school, and when the company came out with instant pudding I was interested and then (naively) shocked. It was not nearly as good. That was maybe my first realization that the world was not constantly improving on the past.

Homemade tapioca pudding
Pumpkin pie

Both are so good that I don’t make them often.

Any sort of peanut. Can’t allow them in the house.


Yes! But salted cashews are even more addicting!

Hope you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you. They have a Belgian chocolate pudding that’s better than homemade.

I cannot not eat the entire pint of strawberry Haagen Dazs, and if there are donuts (fresh) in the house. They won’t last a day.