Foods that are too, too Tempting

Ferro Rocher (those chocolate balls in the gold wrapper) is the work of the devil and NOT allowed in my house!

Strawberry Haagen Dazs is wonderful, but vanilla Haagen Dazs with freshly sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of blueberries is even better – it has more flavour contrasts.

Sorry, I hate blueberries. Oh, and I don’t care for vanilla Haagen Dazs. Not very rich and a little sugary.

Those little bags of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies are one. It’s hard to stop with just a couple even though the nutrition information box says a single serving is two cookies.

Then leave out the blueberries. But there’s an aroma around freshly sliced ripe strawberries that is a perfect complement to Haagen Dazs vanilla, IMHO.

I fucking love raisins!! And I do keep them in the house because sometimes I just need them. But they are murder on my bloodsugar and also on my colon. Sometimes I just gotta have a handful. Then probably another handful. Dear lord, do I love raisins.

Crackers of any sort. Saltines are the worst, followed by Ritz. Fancy hors d’oeuvre type crackers might last a little longer, but not by much. It is not possible to keep any of these as a staple; when we buy, it’s with the sure and certain knowledge they will be eaten in a matter of days.

I thought I was the only one! I’m always seeing comments about how raisins are disgusting and that everyone hates them, especially for directly snacking on.

I’ve always figured that these people have only ever encountered the Sun-Maid and similar mass-marketed, dried out, tasteless versions. I get my raisins from a bin in the local Sprouts, and they are generally plump, juicy little bites of sugary goodness. I could eat them by the bowlful if I gave in to my inclinations.

Both or either for me, almonds for their crunch, cashews for their flavor and… luxuriousness. My downfall was discovering Kirkland Extra Fancy Mixed nuts which are about one-third cashews, one third almonds, and the final third macadamia, pecan, and Brazil nuts.

Oh no…turns out I actually LOVE Sunmaid raisins, and have never tried any sort of premium raisin. I have in fact tried cheaper store-brand raisins and found them to be dried out and small compared to Sunmaid. Now I will be on the hunt for fancy raisins. As a very-one-time treat :slight_smile:

Look in stores that sell dried fruit in bins (like Whole Foods). Make sure the raisins don’t look like they’ve been sitting in the bin for weeks.

I can’t make oatmeal cookies or chocolate cheesecake anymore, it’ll all be gone before the weekend is out.

I quit buying Cool Ranch Doritos and the store brand salt and vinegar potato chips because I will eat an entire bag in one sitting.

I’m okay with most cookies – I can eat one or two, then stop. For two reasons: The commercial ones generally aren’t all that good, imho, and my homemade ones, which ARE that cook (no modesty on this subject) require too much time and effort so I force myself to make them last.

The exception are Pooh Bears. (Among a zillion other common names: Preacher Cookies, No Bake Cookies, Funeral Cookies.) These are nothing more than sugar, butter, cocoa, milk and a bit of salt, brought to a boil for one minute. Then stir in crunchy peanut butter, rolled oats, and vanilla. Drop by spoonsful onto wax paper (or parchment paper these days) and let set.

I mean, from start to end they take maybe 5-10 minutes to make a batch of three dozen or so. Obviously no reason to hold back on eating them, right? They’re not expensive, no rare ingredients, no big time involvement. Why not go crazy on them???

About two dozen later I feel sick. :nauseated_face:

Unfortunately the memory of gorging wears off after a couple of days…

My own, homemade Chex Mix. I rarely make it but when I do, I will eat it until it is gone.

Oh, yeah. When I got a vacuum sealer I figured, "Hey! I can make a huge batch of Chex and freeze or refrigerate the bulk of it, parceling it out as the weeks or months go by. The huge batch lasted a week and a half.

Was it something I said? :cry:

Potato chips. Chips and salsa. Good and Plenty.

Have you ever tried Sunmaid mixed raisins? I haven’t had them in forever, but they always feel fancy. Sun-Maid California Jumbo Raisins Medley

Good and Plenty.

YES. I love licorice, and my favorite licorice is Good and Plenty. I can’t have it in the house because I’ll crunch my way through the whole damn bag, and then I’ll feel sick for hours.

A week or so ago, I got a box of Good and Plenty that were perfectly stale, so you could crunch through the coating and then the middle was so tough and chewy and satisfying. I will make myself ill eating them.