Foods you're glad you hate

This thread is about foods you dislike, but wish you liked. Are there foods you’re glad you hate?

For me, it would be mayonnaise. It doesn’t really add anything to the dish, and it’s fattening. I somehow feel superior to mayonnaise lovers. The only problem is that they automatically put it on a lot of stuff, so I have to make sure to ask for no mayonnaise.

I have never enjoyed veal, and when I learned its backstory, I was glad I didn’t have a taste for it.

No mayonnaise? Are you fucking kidding me? Mayonnaise can turn even stale bread and bad ham into an edible sandwich. Tuna salad would never have made it into this world without mayonnaise. Darn, I’m going to report you to Homeland Security for this.
P.S: One stuff that I can never eat (and God knows I’ve tried several times) is cooked liver. Foie Gras is delicious on the other hand.


I despise it, and frankly, I have enough food vices already. It’s so plentiful that if I liked it at all, I’d probably never stop eating it.

Mayo and Miracle Whip now that you mention it. Never liked’m, they smell like paint (to me).
But the thing I came in here to say is soda. In my entire life (30 years), I’ve drank less then a half a can of soda. It’s the carbonation that I can’t stand. I can drink beer or (gin and) tonic or Whiskey Sours (Whiskey and Squirt) but I can’t drink a regular soda, I just can’t get past the bubbles. From time to time I’ve tried to get myself to like it (hence the half a can), but I detest the taste of cola and all the non-cola flavors taste like syrup to me, way to sweet. I eventually gave up on trying to like it. When it comes to that type of thing I have an addictive personality. If I could find one that I liked, I’d be one of those people that drank 10 cans a day. I figure as long as I don’t drink it now, why start? Although there are plenty of hot days when I’m working in the yard when I think to myself that a nice cold soda would probably taste pretty damn good.

I have a very short list of foods I hate. At the top of the list are haggis and Limburger cheese. I have tasted both, and had to force myself to swallow one bite.


It’s useful that I don’t tend to like fried foods or butter on my popcorn.

Pepsi or Coke? None of it, most soft drinks taste like burning bubbles.

A big, fat ditto to this. It would make life easier, because the world sure is full of mayo-smothered dishes and food prep people who hate to leave it off, but honestly I don’t need the extra fat in my diet and I don’t want to try to acquire a taste for it.

Pumpkin pie. Like there isn’t enough unhealthful stuff for me to eat this time of year.

I love a good steak, but I don’t particularly care for filet mignons. There is a flavor that I just don’t care for. Give me a 1.25" thick marbled rib-eye, medium rare any day instead of the over-priced filet.

and Fiddleheads. bleeech. Worse food my mother ever cooked for me. And I am glad that I don’t like them, because they are unavailable in my area.

actually, i’d be willing to try fiddleheads again, as an adult. Last time I had them was nearly 40 yrs ago

I don’t know if this counts as food, but any spirits except Vodka all smell and taste like what I’d imagine paint remover tastes like. I’m one of the rare people on the distillery tour who isn’t just waiting to get to the end and the free samples.

I hate steak.
Maybe it is because my father loved it and would have steak at home at least once a week, if not more, and would even go out to the backyard BBQ grill in the snow and grill one in the winter.
I think I just had had enough by the time I was about 10 years old.
Can’t stand the thought of eating some slab of steak.
Has probably saved me quite a bit of money over the years though!

I do, however, have a fondness for cheeseburgers and will eat the occasional roast beef sandwich, but that’s it. Give me chicken or pasta any day over beef. Needless to say, living here in the buffet capital of Las Vegas, with Prime Rib all over the place, visitors think I am crazy for passing it by and not stopping to even look at it.

Replace “soda” with “beer” and “syrup” with “piss water” and everything else fits verbatim for me.

Ketchup. I don’t want to eat it, I don’t want to see you eat it, and frankly I think it should be banned.

Doesn’t really add anything to the dish”? I guess richness, depth of flavor, and a sinfully creamy mouth feel don’t count for much then? Yes, it’s fattening, but I’ll gladly accept the extra calories/fat grams for the qualities I just enumerated.

But please do get over yourself.

Organ meats. Offal of any sort. Chris Cosentino can kiss my ass.

I don’t like most sweets, dislike some and there’s whole families that sit badly enough with me that I never developed a taste for them. Unlike cauliflower and liver, my parents did not see crema, cabello de ángel and meringue as necessary for survival, so they didn’t force me to eat them.

Keeping my weight at decent levels is hard enough without having to drag myself away by the arm every time I walk in front of a bakery.

Cheesecake and beer. I can’t stand the taste of either.

I like everything else that’s bad for me, though.