For non-USA Americans only - How would you vote in November?

Poll coming up.

Please don’t spoil it you USA types.

I put not sure. If I were reliably certain that my state would go to either Romney or Obama, I’d probably vote Jill Stein. In a swing state, I’d reluctantly vote for Obama.

I know nothing of the independents, so its a choice between Democrat and Republican really, and thats not even a choice.

Its not just that Obama presents well to the outside world, its that looking in at American politics from the outside I am flabbergasted at the conduct of the Republican party. They really come across as a collection of morons, all religious bile and self-serving lies.

There is no possible way I could vote for them, so Obama it is.

A year or two ago I would have agreed, but I really don’t see anything substantial in the Democratic party regarding deficit reduction, or job creation. The Keystone pipeline postponement was pretty much the deal-breaker for me. I think I’d have to vote Republican, unfortunately.

Something’s gotta give policy-wise, and it doesn’t appear to be happening under Obama.

I agree.

Bush put the US in a deep financial hole with the economy in a catastophic free fall. I lot of Obama’s"promises " were made before the Bush economic bubble burst.

I never expected a quick recovery.

You just don’t turn a ship the size of the American economy in a storm of global financial uncertainty in a short period of time.

The Republicans have done everything in their power to make the Obama administration fail.
I won’t call them traitors. I won’t call them patriots either.

They are a bunch of religious dinosaurs that don’t give a flying fuck for the less fortunate.

They are liars

I despise the Republican Party with every fibre in my body.