For Sale: Aircraft Carrier, One Owner, low mileage.

Not something you see on the auction block every day.

HMS Ark Royal.

Or if you were looking for something a little more economical, there are three Type-42 destroyers, the HMS Exeter, HMS Southampton and HMS Nottingham.

It looks like there’s been enough traffic to bring down the website listing, but it should be here when they get a handle on the traffic.

Every now I’ll go out to eBay to check out the high dollar toys listings. Islands, Boeing aircraft, gunboats, and the like. But I don’t recall ever having seen anything on quite this scale.

I watched a documentary once about some guy in China who had bought an old Soviet aircraft carrier and turned it into a tourist trap. Read somewhere that the tourist trap had gone bankrupt, though, which is too bad because it was high high cheese.

So… now they’re looking for the covenant of the Ark.

They should take a page out of the printer industry. It is a light aircraft carrier, so it really makes good use of Harrier type aircraft. The carrier should be sold cheap and then the UK should mark up the prices on the Harriers to go with it.

First thing I thought of when I saw this Thread title. :slight_smile:

Yeah, the casino plan apparently fell through…so they’re going with the backup plan. Which involves towing it to a drydock, refitting it with modern weapons and sensors, testing out the engines, building a carrier deck mockup at a naval research base… :eek: :cool:

If it’s the same Ark Royal, I had a British penfriend who was an OS on the ship in the mid-1960s.
So the ship may have a few out-of-date electronics and whatnot by now.

At that time the Ark Royal was sailing around the east coast of Africa, into the China Sea and ports easterly from there. Close to Christmas - 1966, 1967, in that era.

Old memories:)

an seanchai

Unlikely. She wasn’t launched until 1981.

Your penfriend was probably on her predecessor, the Audacious-class carrier of the same name (1950-1978). More than twice as heavy, one hundred feet longer and carrying Phantoms and Buccaneers rather than Harriers.

Back around 1912 Britain (and other countries) were building battleships for a lot of countries- these countries would squander a quarter of their GNP to purchase such a status symbol.

One battleship has three owners within 12 months.

They want to know what I will use it for? None of their fuckin’ business! Though the first thing will be to keep the King of England outta my face!

Registration of aircraft carriers is the first step on the slippery slope toward confiscation of aircraft carriers. I’ll bet they’re going to try and impose a waiting period before giving me my carrier. But I’m ready for war NOW!

(with thanks to Homer Simpson)

They’ll have to pry that 22,000 tonne aircraft carrier from your cold, dead hands…

"Uh, no boss, that must be someone else’s aircraft carrier parked in your space``.

Would they take a check? I’d like to go for a spin right away.

The Thai navy bought a similar aircraft carrier, but somehow never got around to buying the aircraft and it’s been basically moored at port ever since.

I kid you not, the emblem of the Royal Thai Navy is a white elephant. :smack:

They might’ve changed it…

I was thinking of this one.

Interesting… but I think the documentary I saw was about the Minsk, as the Varyag doesn’t seem to have actually become an up-and-running attraction.

Is that an aircraft carrier or are you just happy to see me?

Talking about things I’d have a hard time explaining to my SO why I bought, exactly…

“Honey? You know how we’re always having trouble carrying aircraft…?”