For the first time in over 30 years

I am ashamed to admit that I am a wrestling fan. After last night’s showing of Raw I don’t think I want to even watch anymore. I know it isn’t real and I know it’s all a part of the story line, but last night showing Jim Ross being forced by Taker to kiss Vinny Mac’s ass was too much for me. I didn’t mind so much last week when William Regal had to kiss ass or be fired. Mainly because nobody forced him (in the story line I haven’t forgotten it isn’t real folks) to do it. I have already emailed my disgust to fanfeedback but that is not enough for me.

Damn you, damn you all. I loved to watch wrestling, I have since I was a little girl. It has gotten sleezier as the years have gone by. I still watched, true enough. But this time you have crossed the line. I’m not some prudish little blue haired old lady but damn it I have a drop or two of class. I will never be able to enjoy one of my favorite tv viewing times unless this Vince’s ass kissing mania stops. Yuck.

Go ahead, laugh at me, I don’t care. I’m not the first to bitch about bad things happening on their favorite television show.

Oh yeah, here’s a damn donkey bag licking link !

It’s not that funny. I remember Howard Cosell, who quit watching fights when he saw Mohammed Ali reduced to a mental cripple.

What? What happened? I thought that Mohammed Ali just had Parkinson. Did he get beat up on really bad in a fight?

Sorry for the hijack.


I missed RAW last night and now I’m glad I did. Picking on Jim Ross is the definitive way to paint a character as a heel, what with Jim’s poor health and facial paralysis. I personally think it’s tacky and if I were in charge of the show’s writing team would put Jim Ross off-limits to harassment and threats by wrestlers. JR has always been the baby-face (good guy) announcer, calling a spade a spade getting pushed around for it, even before his stroke.

I kinda liked it last year (two years ago?) when Jerry Lawler got back into the ring to keep Taz away from J.R.

Ali does have Parkinson’s, but it was caused by the head injuries he received while boxing. A description on this site calls it “pugilistic encephalopathy - or damage to the brain arising from excessive blows to the head as a boxer might encounter in the course of a fight.”

I always thought Ali was too damn smart to be a boxer. It’s a pity.

Howard was announcing a very lopsided fight and was commenting on why he thought it should be called. The victor was destroying the loser (not perjorative here) who, like Cool Hand Luke, would not fall down or stay down if he did. Howard kept saying things like, “This fight should be over. I don’t know why the referee is not stopping this fight.” etc. He even made comments about the brutality, etc. He then declared that this would be the last fight he ever announced.

He meant it.

(Sorry, I don’t recall who the two boxers were, but it was for the heavy-weight division and had at least one big name (Liston?).)

Ayesha, feel free, as I do, to blame Stephanie McMahon. Ever since she got involved in the storywriting (IIRC, she’s head of storylines at the moment) it has stunk to high heaven.

This whole ass kissing thing is something that Russo would come up with. But, like all storylines, this too will pass.
Are you looking forward to HHH coming back? The recent events are shaping up to be a Face turn. should be good!!

This is just a request for background here, because I don’t know much about WWF. (I followed your link, and then briefly looked up Jim Ross on yahoo) Who’s Jim Ross, exactly? From what I could find, he’s a WWF exec., (Senior Vice President of Talent Relations), who also does some announcing. Is there more to the story, though?

Jim Ross is, to many fans, the voice of wrestling. He is very popular, and extremely active and important in the backroom running in the WWF. he is the commentator who wears a black Resistol Hat for every show.

Sometimes, to make a character whowas once a huge Face (good guy) more believable as a heel ( bad guy) a storyline will be written where he/she picks on “good ole J.R.” This has been done succeffully (and well done) in the past (Tazz, Stone Cold Steve Austin are good examples of when it has worked), but the Incident on RAW, was simply rediculous and completely unnecesary. The sooner this angle is over the better.

It does seem sort of distasteful. On the other hand, though, On the other hand, since these story lines are scripted, I’m sure Ross wasn’t actually forced to do it. I’m sure he could have said, when they were planning this, “Hey, I’m not comfortable doing this. Could we cut it out?”

Twistybabe :D,

I knew there was a reason I didn’t like Stephanie !

I have been looking forward to HHH’s return. The man is cut ! er, I mean he’s a good wrestler. I don’t think I’ll watch Raw anymore, not until the ass kissing thing stops anyway. But I know I can’t stop watching cold turkey so will probably still watch smack down which I’m fairly sure will be at least a little bit less offensive (meaning I hopefully won’t be seeing Vince’s naked ass with lips firmly attached to it.)

I don’t watch WWF, but in the old days I used to watch 'rassling. We even had an arena in this town. Now that arena is a store-front church.

Jim Ross must be the new Dick Lane. I guess Dick only does Roller Games stuff now. :rolleyes:

I don’t think this is quite true. JR is a long time WWF employee, but Vince runs the show. If he wants people to kiss his ass they will no matter how well loved they are.

Also remember in wrestling whenever a wrestler is in their hometown they almost always lose (i.e. The Hardyz at Survivor Series {North Carolina}, and E&C at a Raw in August{Toronto})

There is a MPSIMS thread talking about this same issue.