Forcing Springtime

I’m tired of winter. It always happens to me about this time each year. In October the chilly weather is kind of a refeshing change from the hot summer days. And the first snowflakes are always magical. But now it’s the end of February and it’s just wet and slushy and icky and cold and I want springtime to be here already. For God’s sake, the Red Sox are already in spring training down in Florida. Does this mean nothing to the weather Gods?

Persephone? Where are you?

So, in an act of imitative magic, I’ve already done something that I usually only do with the arrival of springtime in hopes of forcing the season into fruition.

I’ve shaved off my beard.

This had better work.

You can always grow it back! :wink:

I think maybe buying a snow blower and perhaps a new winter coat (expensive) would help bring on the warm weather.

Hey, Euty! Come on down to Atlanta! The bradford pear trees, yellowbells, and daffodils are fighting to see which can produce the most outragious color. It’s quite beautiful.

Of course, they’re all gonna die in the inevitable last freeze. It should be along any time now. But for today - It’s spring!

According to the University of Michigan (where I work), it’s Spring. Or, at least, it’s Spring Break. Never mind it’s gonna hit a whopping 32 degrees today.

I have no idea why Spring Break falls in Winter.

Of course, I still have to work over it, so it’s not really all that important.


What a co-inky-dink. My husband shaved his Sunday. I miss it. :frowning:

Imitative magic, eh?

So, what do I have to do to make it warm up here? :eek:

I think all the ladies should follow Euty’s example by shaving their laps!

Ah, spring is in the air when pubic hairs are in the drain.

Anyone else hearing Jethro Tull right now?

“And razors buzz like madness in the spriiiiiiing…”

If that’s the case, it should be spring all year round where I am!

Hey, people – hang in there. Your spring’s due to start March 21. That’s when our autumn starts (I sick of this hot, hot summer!)

Well, Eutychus55, you’ll be happy to know that…Sping training games start TODAY!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
BASEBALL is here!!! Spring officially starts now, regardless of what the calander says.

I’m a happy camper!

I planted a few of my flowers the other day (indoors of course) and their already poking through the soil, so spring better hurry up and happen so I can get my babies outside. I’m going to have a spify hundred dollar garden this year and I can’t wait to see it grow! (I’m addicted, obsessed, and overall in love with gardening, if you haven’t already noticed…)

Doonesbury–27 March 1977

Might be kinda hard to read.

:: sigh ::

Apparently, it didn’t work.

It’s all your fault, Euty. You shaved your beard too early, and now you’ve upset the delicate balance of the universe. Quakes, storms…geez, what’s next? Plagues of frogs?

Thanks, Euty. Thanks so much! :wink:


Geez … not only do I have the pressure of being the Sex God of the SDMB, not I seem to have taken on the onus of Weather God as well.

I tried and tried and tried, but I just couldn’t see how being either of these Gods is a bad thing. Although I think you may need a little more practice with the weather. :smiley: