Forget the Pakistani Money: I found love in MY email!

You all think you know about love? You don’t know nothing about love, compared to ol’ handsomeharry!
Why just moments ago, love couldn’t help but overflow into my email! I didn’t even find the girl online-she tracked me down, from some site, no less!
None of this ‘girl next door’ nonsense, either! Nope! This one is from Russia. It must be love is she is willing to not even think of some of the local studs, with their drug money. Actually, she says that she doesn’t like the criminal types, and wants to share her life with a good person! Hmmm…she doesn’t like to play games, she likes my profile, and is serious! Whoohoo! Love has finally found me! I shall cut off all other communications from all other women, because this one isn’t playing around! She comes from a good family: her father was a Russian military hero but disappeared on a secret mission!
Well, gotta go. Have to work some overtime so I can send her some money to get her visa. She doesn’t have a lot of money, since she’s emailing me from an Internet cafe, so, I’ll also have to send her some money so she can get her own Internet connection so us lovebirds won’t be kept apart by something as trivial as 40 or 60 dollars a month!

Best wishes,

$40 or $60 per month is a hell of a lot cheaper than a real girlfriend, I say go for it.