form from the straps and tags etc

I do not like green eggs and spam, that Sam I am.


It… It-

It’s beautiful.

I can’t actually bring myself to delete this quite just yet, until everyone’s had at least a chance to enjoy it.

Although I broke the links, just to be safe.

Quite enjoyable.

It maketh me want to lie down in green pastures with a satchel of some sort as my pillow.

Seriously, please don’t delete it. The hills are alive!


The OP…

Um. Babelfish?

I must purchase a Mulberry Messenger Bag 7274 Chocolate cheerful ascend the mountain fill it with white as snow flowers on ropes of vine ascending sunwards ever snowful.

Did you know that mulberry leaves are hallucenognic?

I may just make that my new sig!

It reminds me of when my roommate had me proof read some 5 or 6 page paper for a college class. Throughout the paper I sprinkled in the word ‘ganja’ randomly. She almost didn’t notice and I forgot about it. Luckily she took one last look at it the day before she turned it in.

Wherever you go in life…

There you are.