Fort Worth Dopers! And Dallasites too! (Spring Dopefest #1)

Bad News Baboon wants to get together in Fort Worth, so let’s do it! I think this weekend is too early, but how about next weekend? How does that work for y’all??? Talk to me, y’all!

As far as place, BNB suggested Joe T’s. That’s fine by me, but I don’t think it’s the best food in the world, OTOH, the patio is a nice place to while away an evening.

When we get the details nailed down, I will put them on the DFW Adams Family Board announcement section. So keep an eye there for details and updates. And if you want to be emailed about changes, register so we can send you an email.

Just let me know the day and I’m there.

Me, too.

Bad News Baboon?

Anyone else in Ft. Worth?

Yeah, I’m in Fort Worth. South Fort Worth, I35 and Seminary.

Whoa, Lynn! We’re practically neighbors! I live off of Sycamore School Road.

I’m afraid I can’t make it. Wedding this weekend, D&D next.

When is your next free weekend throatshot?

I’d like to get more FW dopers ho… I mean coming to dopefests.

And might we get the beauteous Lynn Bodoni to show up? :cool:

Not sure. Maybe in three weeks.

Yep, I can probably show up. At this time I don’t really have anything planned for the weekends. Post up a date and I’ll let you know!
–==the sax man==–

D&D? I’m looking to get into a campaign again, does your group have any openings for new players?

I sent you an email.

Anyone else?

Definitely not having it this weekend. I am waiting to hear from anyone else in Fort Worth before I bother with next weekend. IMO, there’s no point in going to FW if everyone going lives of me!

C’mon, FW dopers! Let’s get together!!!

Is this D&D over in Fort Worth? I’m thinking… what I really should do is start my own campaign. I have all the necessities: readily available DM, more books and miniatures than should be legal, dice, and a really big table next to the refridgerator.

Hm, might need some more chairs, though.

Oh, and I am on the Depends on the Date, but I’ll Try to Get There list, Zyada.

I’m in Benbrook, which is sorta Fort Worth

I used be live in security at the Spanish Gate Apartments many years ago. Horrible place at the time…I hear its been cleaned up a bit since then.

So is Saturday the 20th ok by you, bdgr?

ANY weekend but that, please. friend’s birthday.

Bring em…

Babs, I am determined to get you to a dopefest! The next weekend Grace and I are walking in the March of Dimes in Dallas. That might be a bit much for one day - Grace’s hubby would probably disown her. :slight_smile:

However, the weekend after that is my birthday weekend! I was going to do a dopefest on my b-day anyway, so we can kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. However, I would like to split the difference and have it halfway between the two cities.

How does May 4th sound to you? bdgr?

Well…Should be ok, unless my work sends me out of town, but thats not real likely at this point. So most probably count me in