Fox plans “American Candidate” game show – Winner to run for President in ‘04

Here’s the story

My first reaction was pop culture is going to be the death of us. But, then I got to thinking, what if this show actually provides a forum for valid alternative viewpoints that would otherwise never have a chance to reach a wide audience. Specifically I was thinking about Robert Bowman, but there are plenty of big thinkers right here who might consider going on the show.

So dopers, who would try out and what would your platform be?

Matt Drudge is still alive? Who knew?

My brother and I heard this on the radio earlier while we were out. His respones: “We found someone who’s a cross between Britney Spears and Matt Damon to run for us!” Horrifying, hysterical, and true simultaniously. Visions of rule by MTV fill my head (Viacomocracy?).

My question when I heard about this was “Whatever happened to equal time?” I doubt Fox is going to handle two years worth of hour shows to the other canidates.
Anyhow, I doubt that the show is going to feature any current politicians. On top of that I doubt that we’ll see anyone with particularly strong political beliefs in any direction last very long. We’ll wind up with a wishy-washy guy (or more likely girl; I suspect that novelty is going to play a large part in selecting the winner) who looks good and doesn’t muddle up words.

Much like the actual political process. Hell, George Bush only makes two out of three on that list.