Free Cake = Marketing Fail

This morning in the office, we were presented with slices of cake, one of our suppliers was trying to drum up some goodwill. Their logo iced into the top. Funny thing was, by the time it reached us it was chopped up and half gone. No-one has any idea where it came from, my slice said “silica”.

I’m reminded of the scene in Who Shot Mr Burns where Homer sends Mr Burns some cakes with a picture of his family underneath.

It was the Basilica of Guadelupe - they’re drumming up donations to redecorate the fellowship hall.

Someone’s trying to kill you the long, slow way by making you eat glass. It won’t work, as they ground it up too fine. Enjoy your cake.

I think that was chocolates, a but similar idea, yeah.

And Homer’s own face, (which he wanted Burns to recognize) was under the untouched ‘sour quince log’ that neither Burns nor Smithers wanted, so it was still covering him up when the box was thrown out. :wink:

The cake is a lie


Mmmmmmm, Silica…

Nah, the first thing they teach you in assassin school (cookery) is - when baking a poisoned cake, don’t write the list of ingredients on the top in icing.

They also teach you not to emblazon the cake with words typically associated with the phrase “DO NOT EAT,” but it seems that rule wasn’t as important as once thought.

Hello? Are you there?

A lot of bars will serve silica-based snacks so that you get thirsty and drink more.

Don’t shoot. It’s me.

Does your supplier sell silica gel packs? Was the cake decorated like a silica gel pack? Somebody already ate the part that said do not ingest.

A little known effect of contrails is that they make you crave silica-based snacks, so it’s quite the vicious cycle.

See, this is why it’s better to print your logo on cookies. My brother brought some home last Christmas; house-shaped cookies, each with an edible (if not tasty) decal printed with a realtor’s logo.

This webcomic seems especially appropriate for this thread. :smiley:


It was a gift from St. Peter, all the way from Vatican City. You probably just ate the body of Christ. Hope you enjoyed it.