"Free NP"?

Maybe this is a New England/Boston thing, maybe I’m hallucinating, but as of late, on the back of trucks where one used to see “wash me” written into the accumulated grime, I have been seeing the words “FREE NP” with increasing frequency. I asked a co-worker about this, and he too had taken note, and had even seen ordinary cars with hand-lettered “FREE NP” signs prominently displayed in their rear windows.

What the…?

Anybody got a clue here? Anybody?

Different questions to ask on the SDMB must float through my brain a few times every day. And the “Free NP” question comes up nearly every time I’m in my car…

I’m currently living to the south of Boston - I’m a former southie, actually - and the “Free NP” question has been bothering me for quite some time. It has indeed replaced the tired “wash me” for the backs of dirty trucks, but what does it mean? Free Neil Peart? Nah - that’s probably just on my mind, what with the concert at Great Woods tomorrow.

Someone please answer this question! We’re dying out here!

It’s a common classified advertising abbreviation: “Free – Needs Parts.”

THAT’S IT??!!!

Man, was that anticlimactic…

Heh. Sorry to blow the mystery for ya. (Especially since this question is one of the so very few that intrigued you enough to post about in over two years!)

Yeah. I’ve written lots of replies to a lot of topics - only to deem them as self-indulgent nonsense. So I never actually post them.

I guess I’m really spreading my wings today! Look - I’ve nearly doubled my posts in this thread alone! Aim high, buddy boy…


I’ve seen these signs on vehicles that clearly weren’t giveaway junkers. I’m also in the Boston area. My suspicion is some sort of radio gimmick, like the Opie and Anthony “WOW” signs for Whip-em-Out Wednesday or the WAAF “Free LB” signs from when Lyndon Byers did some time for a DUI rap. Googling doesn’t reveal anything. Any BADs got a clue on this?



Woohoo! Free Newspapers!

I tried to do a search but nothing came up. I apologize if this has been asked before.

I keep seeing cars and trucks on the highway with bumper stickers or signs that say “Free NP” on the back. Today I even saw it spelled out with masking tape on the back window of a sedan. What the heck does it mean?

WAG. Nepal. Release from Chinese rule. Just my 2cents

Ummm…you’re not thinking of Tibet, are you? As far as I can tell Nepal is not under Chinese rule:


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I think you are right…I have noticed it on cars and trucks being driven by young men, the same kinds of vehicles I used to see the Opie and Anthony signs.

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I have a former coworker who is very into the Boston area broadcast media scene…TV, radio, sports talk. I will email him tomorrow and see if he has any idea.
I found a post in someone’s Livejournal where they are seeing the same thing we are and wondering what it means. They are also in Boston.

It stands for Free Nipple, and was meant to mimic the Free LB fad that happened when Lyndon Byers, former Bruin and current WAAF 107`.3 morning show personality was in jail for driving without a license.

After the Janet Jackson incident, the morning show was forced by the radio station to take pictures with visible nipples off of their website. All photos now have WAAF logos over the nipples.

No cite, except that I listen to the morning show every day on the way into work.

HA! I knew WAAF was involved somehow. Thanks for clearing that up!