Frequently asked 'What was this movie?' questions

A lot of people have the same fragmentary memories of some movie or tv program. One of the IMDb members has compiled a list of them.

Back when I used to check the “I Need to Know” IMDb forum, two of the films most asked about were Starchaser: The Legend of Orin (“What’s that Star Wars clone that involves an invisible sword blade?”) and The Lathe of Heaven (“What’s that trippy movie where someone uses dreams to change reality?”).

Back at the dawn of that board’s creation, there was one tv-movie that came up over and over again. And the response was always something like, “This question gets asked a lot, but so far we haven’t found a response.”

It was probably over a year later when someone finally dug it up.

The elusive title was The World Beyond, which was actually a proposed TV series, of which only the pilot ever aired.

If that doesn’t ring a bell, the title of the pilot episode was simply “Monster.”

And if that doesn’t jog your memory (if you were around to see it back then), then how about this description: A mud monster that burns when it comes into contact with salt.

The one I saw a lot in the early days of the Internet was “What was the movie where you see the initials engraved in the shell of a giant turtle at the end?” It was The Bermuda Depths.

Also vague memories of the Star Wars holiday special were everywhere.

Nice thread, Earl. If anyone knows the answers to these questions, it would be you.

I have thousands of films in my library and have always thought of myself as some kind of film guru.

But I can’t hold a candle to you. You have forgotten more about films than I will ever know. I’m quite certain of that.

So, I will just sit back and try to absorb some of the knowledge in this thread.

Best wishes!


Still, no identification of the Cretan mummy with no face movie.

The Lathe of Heaven is a good one from my foggy memory and you saved me the trouble of asking. I remember it for it always raining in one version of reality, getting rid of racism by making everyone grey and featuring I get by with a little help from my friends.