Friedrich Kiesler, architect; and Raymond Roussel

I vas looking up the designer and architect Friedrich Kiesler, designer of the famed Endless House, and all the entries are in German! I even pressed ENGLISH but it still gave only German. When I try to find out about Alfred Jarry, Lautreamont, Mallarme, or Raymond Roussel, for instance, it’s almost all in French. I feel that there must be whole cults for all these people with interesting notes that I could access, and now only to find out that these inconvenient languages are in the way! Any sites? To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, “Someday everything that ever was, is, or will be written will be translated into English. Sometime there will be an accurate translation into English of everything that ever was written, is being written, and ever will be written in the future.” (MAKING OF AMERICANS).

I once downloaded a program called “babelfish” or something like that which purported to translate words, I think. There are others that do translation but mostly just words if it is for free. Do a search on translation programs and then come back and report.

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