Friendship-an Appreciation Thread

Valentines is a time when everybodys thoughts turn to romace and that “special person” in their lives. What is often forgotten is that there are other people who should be honoured too, and that is your friends. I know that the thing I value the most from coming to this board is the friendships I have gained. This is the place to honour those people you are proud to call friends, and to explain what friendship means to you. Like Scotticher’s self esteem thread I did not start this to be mentioned, I know that the people who are my friends demonstrate that by their continued friendship. They make it easier to get through each day and they make you appreciate the good things that happen to you and help you to recover when bad things happen.

I also know that at this time of the year friendship is often overshadowed by the search for romance. People feel unfufilled with out a romantic partner in their lives, and they ignore the good things that come with friendship. Good friends are damn rare to find and we should treasure all of them. I know that some of you will look at this and go “bah humbug”, but I hope you will come to the realization that friendship is a fine goal on it’s own.

I have told you about some of my ideas about friendship, now I would like to thank some of my friends. If you aren’t on this list don’t fret I do value you, it’s just that for various reasons I feel that you might not want to be identified publically.

First off I want to acknowledge the one friend who brightens my day by her presence, one of the classiest people on this board, someone who is a caring, loving mother and who brightens the days of everyone she knows. I know I can tell her everything and it won’t affect the friendship we have built. I know everyone who has the privilege to know her will agree that ** CanadianSue ** is someone they are glad has entered their lives.

Secondly I would like to thank Angkins. If we had met IRL we probably would not have paid any attention to each other, but through the magic of the SDMB we have become great friends, we can share everything without judgement and that is the mark of a true friend.

**Fierra ** is another person who’s very presence brightens my days. Geographically we are far apart but spiritually we are in synch. Thank you for always being there Fiona even when due to time differences it isn’t always convenient for you.

The fourth person I would like to say that I am glad to call a friend is one of the classiest people on the SDMB. She gives more to other people then anyone else I know, and she is always genuine in her concern and her desire to help. I know many other people will echo my comments about ** Scotticher**.

There are two more people that I can see are becoming true friends, they are kid compassionate sharing people. I don’t know if they will be comfortable being identified publically, so I will just say that one is on the east coast and the other is in a place that is always warm, and I am looking forward to both of you playing a role in my life.

These are some of the people that mean a lot to me, there are many others whose contributions make me get through evrey day, these include everybody in chat, I am glad to know all of you.

I hope that everybody who reads these words will think about friendship and the value it holds in my life. I did not start this thread to get a million posts, I started it because I felt that there were some things that need to be said.

I thank everyone who is on this list and and I hope you value my friendship as much as I value yours.


I know exactly what you mean, Odieman…I am fortunate that I have love in my life. Fortunate mostly because I can’t think of anyone else in the WORLD who would not only have put up with me for this long, but be willing to KEEP putting up with me. Though he’s my husband he’s also my best friend…you can love your spouse, but I also genuinely LIKE the guy. So thanks, Tark.

Some of these folks are SDMB, some are not, so I’m just going to use initials. It’s pretty likely some of them will never see this…and that’s ok, too.

J, thank you for goofing at me and calling me names and playing stupid PC games with me. You have not the FIRST idea of how many time’s you’ve pulled me out of madly deep depressions just by being a huge dork at me. And I mean that in a good way.

T, Thank you for all of the ego-strokes, and not assuming I’m a slut. Believe it or not, even though I put up this great front, it’s not a label I’m particularly happy with. You know the drill; call YOURSELF the bad name FIRST, and it doesn’t matter if other people do it. Anyhow, my newest turning-into-a-good-friend, thank you for existing on my planet.

C, I hope you get your HEAD out of your ASS soon enough to actually enjoy the fact that a lot of people love your company, including me. Yes, you can be a crashing bore and are often a pontificant asshole, but you’re also damned funny and have stuck around.

A, thank you for having AIM on at work all the time so I can goof at you. I know that’s not the only reason you have it on, but that’s all I use it for. :smiley: For some reason you seem to think you’re not worthy of the good things other people have…you’re WRONG. You’ve bouyed me several times just by laughing at my (incredibly) lame jokes.

G, I know for a solid fact you won’t be reading this, but thank you for sticking in my life for 12 years, now. You’re my oldest real friend in the world. I know I don’t call or write anywhere near often enough…not by a long shot. Maybe it’s some consolation that I feel really bad about that. I need to get on the stick.

Jthe2nd, I don’t know quite what to do with you. you seem like you’re turning into a decent friend, but I am unsure of you…so this one’s just “here’s hopin’ things pull together.”

And finally E, I’m probably not going to sleep with you when you get out of jail, because your ego is going to make it impossible to get close enough to your body for it to matter. Kill it, wouldja? No one thinks it makes you a cool guy. And thanks for taking my friendship back when I re-offered it. Here’s hoping you continue to be not-as-much-of-a-dick when you get out.

That’s it. I hope this isn’t a hijack. Thank you again, Odieman, for this idea. And by the way, you’re exceptionally cool in my book, too. Which I know doesn’t matter, because I reserve a lot more of myself in these areas than a lot of people…but it’s true. :slight_smile:

The first time I glanced at this thread title, I thought it said, “Friendship–an Application.” I was curious to see what the questions were on the form you have for people to fill out if they want to be your friend. :slight_smile:

I agree Odie. We certainly do forget to thank our friends and we seem to take them for granted most of the time. CanadianSue is a wonderful person, my best online friend and also one of my closest IRL. To all the other friendships that I have acquired on the board, thank you. No names are necessary. Each and every one of you Dopers is special in many ways.

My darling Odieman, what a wonderful idea!

There are so many people I appreciate on this board that I can’t even begin to list them. I hope that I have expressed my love for them enough that they know who they are. But I do want to say thank you to you, dear friend. Your kind words are much appreciated.

You have one of the sweetest hearts of anyone I know. You are loving, and giving, and always there for the people you care about. You are a truly good person, and my life has been enriched because you are my friend.

Thank you for caring about me, my friend!


Keith (Odie),
I am proud to call you my friend. You are a kind, sensitive, caring person. You are someone I can trust with secrets. You are someone I can tell all my problems to, and somehow, you always manage to make me feel better. I can only hope I am half as helpful to you as you are to me. You are a very special person to me, and I hope we stay friends a very long time. :slight_smile:
Rose (the mysterious East Coaster) :wink:

I don’t know if I could list all the friends I’ve made here either. Best to just say that if you’re reading this, I probably like you. :smiley:

But I’ve got to mention a few folks in particular:

elelle: She knows why.

smug: His comment to me in his “Newbie-hian Rhapsody” thread just made me feel all warm & mooshy. Here’s to the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

xploder: An offhanded comment by him in a thread, about “our mayor,” led me to a Doper who has become one of the best IRL friends I’ve ever had. He and his utterly fabulous wife are two of the finest people I’ve ever had the honor of knowing.

Eutychus: I can’t think of Euty without smiling. I had admired him from afar for a long, long time. Now he’s actually my friend, and a damn good one at that. How I got so lucky I will never know.

Well, thanks Persephone! Same back to you of course :smiley:

Also, thanks to CanadianSue who talked me through a VERY bad time not long ago, and also made me laugh :smiley:

To everyone here, new and old, who help make my day better and brighter for having read the thoughts that you have posted, THANKS!!!

I love you all. You’re beautiful. Let’s do lunch.



What a wonderful thread. Not that it surprises me coming from you. In a short time you’ve shown yourself to be all that Rose said above and more. I am very glad that I discovered that you do actually talk :wink: You’ve been very generous with your time and a calming influence, for which I thank you. I only hope that I am as good a friend to you as you are to me.

Mauvaise (The mysterious one who lives somewhere where it’s always warm – NO! Not Hell, though in the summer Hell would be cooler :D)

Oh, geez… Where to start… At the beginning, I guess…

Odieman: You are one of the best friends I’ve got, on this board or IRL. I love you for your sense of humor, your generosity, and your wisdom in knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

iampunha: Ditto. And talking to you is an intellectual challenge that I always look forward to. (Is it the end of March yet? :smiley: )

Una: I am in awe of your writing skills. Care to take a newbie/rank amateur under your wing?

Chat People (all of y’all): you guys are sick, twisted, deranged, and a hell of a lot of fun. :smiley:


Thanks for starting the thread, Odieman.

I would like to say how much I’ve appreciated Canadian Sue over the last (almost) year. Sue, you’ve kept me company on ICQ when I thought the kids were going to drive me nuts! Sometimes, I just need an adult to talk to. Plus, you taught me how to make perogies. I hope we’re still on for a drop-in coffee this weekend.

Smug, not only are you amusing on the board, but you’re a lot of fun to talk to on ICQ. I like it when you have a few days off of work. :slight_smile:

Feynn, I don’t know if you count, since we live together, but I can’t forget to mention you. You brighten up each and every day.

To all the rest of the posters and mods here, this is my home away from reality. I love reading all of the posts and ideas here. You’ve all made me feel at home, and welcomed. Plus, I rarely get insulted when I make a bone-headed comment. :smiley:

Well, I’d say I’m one pretty lucky lady!

Odie, I very much enjoy our talks. You can make me laugh in a second when I’m bummed out. Hopefully you will make our next Edmonton dopers meeting and Lola and I’ll share our secret cooking tips with you. I really think we should introduce our bosses and let them live happily ever after :wink:

Ultress, what can I say. I found one of the best friends I’ll ever have on this box of mind. You and I have spent many a time sharing our deep dark secrets. Life would be very different without you in it.

Xploder, haha I make you laugh? Sheesh bubba. You have made me laugh so much, sometimes I have tears running down my face.

Lola, the perogie queen :wink: that was so much fun! Next we take on a bigger project! I’ve enjoyed your and Keith’s company very much in the last year. It’s always such a joy to come to your home and kick back, relax and bask in the warmth and love that flows through the two of you and your kids.

Smugly, who’d have thought I would get such pleasure out of a great friendship. I think it’s time for an all nighter spades game again. I think I’m ready to wup yer ass!

Thanks Lola. Normally I’d flirt blatantly with you now, but Feynn would only drag my ass into the Pit and use those multi-syllabic words for which I have no defence. :wink:

Let me just say that Feynn is a very lucky man. {{{Lola}}}

You’re talking cards, right? I scar easily. :smiley:

Sue, the pleasure has been all mine my dear. {{{CanadianSue}}}

I also want to express my appreciation to **everybody**.

There are no strange posters, just friends we haven't met yet.
[sup]Ok, not true, some of you are really strange. [/sup] ;)