Fright Night Remake was much better than expected.

I saw this last night, and was really impressed. It hit that perfect horror-comedy sweet spot of not taking itself too seriously while still being scary. Very Buffy-esque, which shouldn’t be too surprising as Whedon student Marti Noxon wrote the thing. (I know some Buffy fans can’t stand her, but she does a good job here.)

The cast was outstanding, especially Colin Farrell as the bad guy and David Tennant as Peter Vincent. It was pretty faithful to the original, but modernized. Lots of gore.

I don’t really have a lot to say about it, just wanted to give dopers a heads up as it appears to be quickly tanking at theaters. It really was the best popcorn movie I’ve seen this summer.

IMDB has a 7/10 for this film, and Rottentomatoes has a 76%.

Opening weekend (19-21 Aug) it made 8 million.

What usually caused this fair-to-good movie to do poorly in the Box Office? Is late August usually a poor time for movie ticket sales? , showing the weekend of 26 Aug box office top 10.

I’m disappointed it’s bombing, I loved the original and would like very much to see this remake. I don’t know what it is, seems a lot of movies this year cost millions, get good reviews, get loads of publicity, but just don’t draw the crowds that were expected.