Fringe 4/27

I know I’ve got this wrong but…

When Cortexephan kid Nick first introduced himself to Lincoln, weren’t they in the orange universe? Nick reminded Lincoln that they went to school together. Was that the orange universe Nick who thought he was talking to the (actually deceased) orange universe Lincoln? Or had they sent blue universe Nick over to the orange universe to contact Lincoln? So which universe did the bad Nick, who they had to hunt down, originate in? And how was it that the Fringe team was just a few minutes away from the University location where bad Nick was going to do his thing?

Orange universe Nick though Blue Lincoln was Alt-Lincoln. That ties back in to when Olivia crossed over with the cortexiphan kids. Alt-Lincoln recognized Nick just before he got blown up. Now we know why. And the bad Nick was blue-Nick. All the Cortexiphan kids are from our side, because Walternate refused to experiment on kids.

Anyway, I really liked this episode. I gotta little teary eyed when they closed the bridge. Really, this whole show has been about the two universes (we just didn’t realize it until the end of season 1), and it felt like closure to the whole thing.

So Blue Lincoln was bluffing when he said he remembered Nick, or maybe he really did go to school with the Blue Nick. But wouldn’t Orange universe Nick know that his Lincoln was recently killed? The Fringe team over there doesn’t operate in secret like on the Blue side.

Yeah, I think that Blue Lincoln was bluffing. But you’re right about not operating in secret, so why was red Nick so surprised about another universe? Maybe just an error on the part of the writers.

If “Letters in Transit” was what season five will be about, then it may be why the other side wasn’t mentioned. With the bridge closed the observers only take over the blue universe. Not that they need the bridge to cross universes though. It will be interesting to see how the next two episodes tie everything together and how many more questions are (hopefully) answered.

And Bell may be back. Although with Nimoy retired I wonder if we’ll just his voice, or maybe some reworked footage, or a lookalike.

Googling, I can’t find if Leonard Nimoy will be back or not, but if he is in either part 1 or 2 of “Brave New World” it will be funny, because in 1998 he was in a film of the same name.

Both Lincolns had pretty much the same childhood. Didn’t they even have the same girlfriends? Therefore he probably really did know Nick’s sister Kendra, but from the Blue universe, of course.

I wonder if they will still have some cases in the alt-Universe or if it means we won’t be see the Lincoln again.

I wonder if they will still have some cases in the alt-Universe or if it means we won’t be seeing the Lincoln again.

BTW. Next Season will be the last for Fringe.

I wonder if SyFy could pick them up?

I don’t think they want to get picked up. The whole point is to have one last season to wrap everything up.

You know what, there was at points where they’d say ‘Theres only one thing we can do… Or one other thing we can do…’ and I’d be saying ‘Nooooo…’

If the problem was cortexifan children (all known, I’m guessing) linking from universe to altiverse, they could have tracked down the altiverse version of those people and walked them across into the main universe, nullifying the link. Thats what they could have done.

Ok, so sometimes you wish you’d be in that fringe meeting :slight_smile:

I was thinking along similar lines about bringing all of the red counterparts over and seeing if that would stop the quakes.

One thing I can’t suspend my belief over is, after collapsing the universes, how Jones could dictate the laws of nature for the new universe. Finding a safe spot and waiting it out while the universes collapse and then create a new big bang is one thing. Controlling the outcome is something different. No amount of sci-fi babble can convince me that Jone’s plans beyond collapsing the universes are possible.

Also, this entire “Collapse two universes, mush them together (somehow) and get a universe that YOU want” is a direct swipe from the DC Comics series Infinite Crisis. They’ve done a few homages to DC Comics (there was the one where they introduced Negative Man from the Doom Patrol to the Fringe Universe*, the whole “Red Lantern/Red Arrow” thing and so forth). But this was just blatant rip-offery. The only thing we’re missing is Jones in a golden jumpsuit physically mooshing two earths together by hand.

That said, I didn’t care for this episode all that much. It seemed way too rushed (and since they didn’t know until the day it aired that they’d have another season, I can’t fault them too much for that) and really, really choppy. It wasn’t a bad story or anything, just that the editing needed (IMO) a lot of work. Maybe when it’s released for DVD, they’ll be able to add about 15 more minutes and just smooth it out a bit.

I also hope that the future DVD of Season Five will contain the series finale that they aren’t going to air next week)

Anyone hear if Season 5 will start in September or in January?

*Ok, they made him a Ruskie, but still. Guy goes up in an experimental airplane, comes back down with a being made of black energy inside him that can fly around and hurt people?