From Bad To Worse- a game

You ever have one of those days that goes from bad to worse? I’d like you to meet Todd and Mary- they are having the worse day of their lives. It’s up to us to tell everyone how bad it’s getting.

The only rule is: building upon whatever is happening to Todd and Mary in the post before yours, you make the situation take a turn for the worse. Every post should show how their day is going from bad to even worse. Ok, so it’s sort of a story, but I like stories.

The cat jumped on the bed, and startled Todd from a sound sleep. He glanced at the clock and saw that the alarm should have gone off 45 minutes earlier, but didn’t. He tried to jump out of bed, but got caught in the sheet and landed on the floor in a heap, having only a pair of Mary’s high heeled shoes break his fall. Mary woke up because of the noise, and without even glancing at the clock ran past Todd, as he tried to pick himself off the floor, into the bathroom…

and jumped into the shower. “Todd, honey, did you pay the gas bill?” … pause … “SHRRIIIIEEEEKKKK!!” “um, no, honey, I thought you paid it.”

Hurriedly, Todd ran to the desk to write a check for the gas so he could drop it off at the Post Office first thing on his way to work. Frowning, he rummaged through the desk drawer. Where the hell was the checkbook?

“Um, no honey, I thought you paid it”
Todd said, as he stepped out of the shower, onto a pool of water. He foot slid out from under him and he head cracked agains the wall.
“Ouch…” he moans as he gets up to dry off. He reaches for the towel, and finds it soaking wet, the shower curtain had ripped, soaking the bathroom…

“Oh, well that’s just great. No hot water.” Mary started to climb out of the tub when all the lights when out. “Tom!!” she screamed. “Uh, I guess I forgot to pay the electricity too.” Why did I agree to a second date? she wondered. As she stood there, cold and wet, she reached for her robe, but…

…she accidentally grabbed the frayed wire of the hair drier. ZAP!!! “Ahhhhh!!” she screamed as she fell to the floor unconcious. “OH, no!” yelled Todd, running to the phone to call 911, he picked it up and heard nothing… no dial tone, “CRAP!! The phone bill!”. Just then…

he heard a knock on the door. Tom goes to answer it, and sees a tall, muscular, and handsome young man carrying a bouquet of flowers.
“May I help you?” Tom asks.
“Oh you must be Mary’s brother Tom! She told me a little about you on our date last night! My, what a wonderful woman she is, and quite um, energetic, if you know what I mean!” The man responds, proceeding to wink at Tom multiple times.
Tom looks down at his own stomach, which has mysteriously grown quite a lot in these past few years, and then back up at the handsome man before him.
"I’m her husband you dolt!

<aside> things like this make me wish that it didn’t take over 5 minutes to process posts sometimes.</aside>

“Uh…” said the guy. “Mary never told me.” Before Todd can open his mouth, the guy dropped the flowers and fled. * what a wimp* thought Todd. Todd reached down and picked up the cards, preparing to beat the heads off the stems when he noticed the card. Morbid curiousity prompts him to open it. It says **“Wow! A baby! I love you honey.” Rage fills Todd and he stomps into the bathroom, prepared to give Mary a piece of his mind. When he sees her sprawled on the floor he remembers that she’s unconscious. He reaches wraps a blanket around her, since she was still naked, and threw her over his shoulder. As he’s swearing to himself and going down the stairs…

he slips on something on the second stair sending both of them tumbling down the stairwell. They land at the base of the stairs with a flop and Todd after dispelling the small cloud of birds circling his head, notices his cheek is resting on…his checkbook.

Todd groaned and struggled to get both himself and Mary off the ground. He noticed a long gash in his arm, but since Mary was still unconscious, he couldn’t tell if the bump to her head had done her any harm or not- she was breathing so he didn’t really care. He was about to lurch through the door when a crash made him whip around and look up the stair well. There was a figure there, holding what seemed to be a baseball bat.

Turns out Mr. Handsome didn’t flee any further than his car to get his baseball bat. He had seen Mary unconscious in the bathroom from the front door, and suspected Todd of being an attacker. Being an upstanding member of the Cardinals, he felt it was his duty to interfere on Mary’s behalf. Fine athlete that he is, he had climbed up on top of the garage and into a second story window to gain the advantage of surprise.

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” Mr. Handsome yells loudly to scare his foe as he…

“Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!” Mr. Handsome yells loudly to scare his foe as he…

started down the stairs, and slipped on the same thing Todd did. Mr. Handsome fell down the stairs and landed on his bat, impaling himself through the chest. Just as Todd thought there was finally something going his way, there was a knock on the door. Mr. Handsome had called the police from his cellphone while going to get his bat. Todd tried desperately to think of a way to explain the his unconscious wife and a man run through with a baseball bat…

Todd decided he might as well pick up his checkbook.
“If this damn thing hadn’t gone missing…” He grumbled to himself as he swooped towards the ground. As he picked up the infernal book, it slipped from his hand in his haste, giving Todd a bitchin’ paper cut.

…bleeding and bruised, Todd staggers to the door and opens it to find police officers, crouched on either side of the door with their weapons drawn. His heart sinks as he recognizes Mary’s youngest brother, the new rookie on the local force, and his partner, who just so happens to be Mary’s highschool boyfriend…

and behind the police, he sees John Stossel, with a live camera and sound crew, through his fuzzy grasp on conciousness, he hears Stossel ask, “So, Todd, is it still your position that the product you developed for the MegaBig Company is harmless, even after all those orphans died?”

Todd wonders briefly what the hell the reporter is talking about, since he’s a high school history teacher, not a developer of anything. He sees what he thinks is a break in the crowd, and dashes through, with Mary bumping against his back like a rag doll. As he dashes out to the road he sees an ambulance approaching, so he felt a sense of relief that was quickly squelched when he realized that it wasn’t slowing quickly enough…

when he realized that it wasn’t slowing quickly enough…

to avoid the cat in the road.


it went, splattering cat blood all over Todd and the unconscious Mary.
The ambulance man jumed out of the ambulance just as…

…the firetruck arrived from the other direction. “Excuse me, mack”, grunted the firemen, knocking Tom over as they shouldered past with the hoses.

“What’s going on?” cried the bewildered Tom. “I didn’t call the fire department!”

One of the firemen pointed to the smoke seeping from one of the upstairs windows. “Isn’t that your house?”

“No, that’s smoke you fool,” said Tom “I think it’s coming from Todd’s house though…”

Todd looked over, just in time to see his house going up in flames. “My house!”, he cried. “Well, at least I never paid the mortgage either…” Opening the checkbook in his hand, he saw that the last check written was indeed for the mortgage…Mary must have sent it out.

Going to the mailbox, he went to get the mail from the day before. Right on top was a letter from the bank.