Fuck off Piers Morgan

Or, attention seeker criticises 007 (Daniel Craig) for carrying his baby child in a papoose.

Well, Piers, you certainly win on getting attention. But by winning you also show yourself to be an idiot and thereby lose. So fuck right off.

A man carrying a baby in a papoose is not uncommon hereabouts.

As Chris Evans (the one who played Captain America) said:

The other ripostes in the article are well worth reading, so I’ll just let his TV co-host have the last word:

NSFW (but text only)

ETA: I’m a little confused by the third one.

Note that this is from Piers Morgan’s OWN twitter account.

God what an asshole. Why is any network paying such a stupid boor to be on TV?

Fuck I’m glad nobody was lurking round corners with telephoto lenses for ME when I had a three week old daughter. Poor dude totally has that add-another-thirty-to-your-age not-sure-on-the-concept-of-sleep glazed-eye new parent look about him doesn’t he?

So…this ‘Piers Morgan’ plonker. Never had any kids himself, or lazy arse who let his SO do the heavy lifting? Not invested enough to Google it…

Jeeze, I already knew Rachel Weisz was the most “hated”/envied woman in the UK. Now this? What can a mere mortal woman do to keep up?

I think this thread is going to be a bit one sided. What good things can we find to say about sad sack Piers? Still a finer human being than Donald Trump? If expelled from U.K., could go to Fox News and raise journalistic standards?

Piers Morgan’s existence has caused Aspidistra to call him a “plonker,” which has introduced a new word to my vocabulary. Surely that’s a good thing.

I knew he had one child; he took over Larry King’s TV show for a while (and was fired) and I remember when he had Michael Moore on and they cut to a commercial when one of them (can’t remember who) mentioned Morgan’s new baby, and Moore said something like, “Well, at least we know you’ve had sex.” :dubious: :smack: That child was with his second wife; he has 3 with his first wife.

BTW, MM has no biological children.

Piers is a prat, a knobhead, a berk, a pillock, a tosser, a muppet, a gormless git.

I used to volunteer once a month at a local soup kitchen. There was a husband and wife who came regularly; both appeared to be slightly mentally challenged, but they clearly loved each other enormously, and in the meantime, she had a baby. A couple months after the baby was born, I heard the husband tell another client, “My wife says that she was pregnant for 9 months because she carried the baby everywhere, and now I’m pregnant because I carry the baby everywhere.”

:cool: Wish we had a heart smiley, and that more couples were like this, regardless of their financial or intellectual situation.

Jeez completely beyond me how people here can’t see the obviously gratifying Stuart Varney-ish appeal of the guy.

That picture of Daniel Craig carrying his baby just made my ovaries explode.

I believe you missed “bellend”. :slight_smile:

They’ve learned there’s a real market for that, after the our 2016 election and its ongoing results.

I wish I could call him a Billy-no-mates, but there were enough like-minded plonkers to vote the UK out of Europe.

So Quartz, is this kerfuffle over the alleged “unmanliness” of a man who plays an action hero carrying his own child in a baby sling helping you a bit to understand what toxic masculinity is, and why it is a problem in society?

There was a short piece about this on CBC Radio today. The interesting part was that they apologized before and after for giving him the attention of mentioning his name.

and a wanker, a gobshite an imbecile, a schmuck, a douchebag, a chav, a pikey, an arsemonger, a fuckstick, an arschgeige, a flachwichser, and a walking ass with ears.

Stephen Fry memorably defined “countryside” as “the act of murdering Piers Morgan”

He is a hateful piece of shit with no redeeming features and the worst crime is that he appears to have zero self-awareness regarding his own character.